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Guaranteed Winnings: Oskar won the amazing €50,000 guaranteed cash at Vera&John

News   •   Jul 05, 2013 14:36 GMT

Guaranteed Winnings: Oskar won the amazing €50,000 guaranteed cash at Vera&John

The MegaJoker Jackpot granted Oskar €44,742 in one spin and thanks to the Guaranteed Winnings promotion at Vera&John he received an extra €5,258 in cash. This win was the highest in June granting him the €50,000 guaranteed cash.

At the beginning of June Oskar won the fantastic MegaJoker jackpot. After wagering just €2 he won a whopping €44,742. Oskar was oblivious to the on-going Guaranteed Winnings promotion at Vera&John Casino and didn’t realize that his big win automatically qualified him for the €50,000 guarantee. With just a couple of days left before the end of the promotion, Vera&John called to have a quick chat with the potential winner.

-  Guaranteed Winnings? Guaranteed cash? Do I have a shot at this? Wow, that’s very generous of you, a surprised yet happy Oskar said.

Waiting it out

All Oskar had to do for the last three days of June was wait and pray that no one would win more than he did in a single spin. As the end of June approached, it was clear – Oskar had the highest win of the month and his account would be topped up with an extra €5,258. Oskar could lean back and enjoy his total win of €50,000.

Vera&John will continue this crazy Guaranteed Winnings promotion all summer, but with a very special twist! Players still have the chance to win a guaranteed €5,000, but now the chance of getting topped up with even more money is greater.

If a player hits a big win of over €5,000 and doesn’t get a cash top up, we’ll continue to increase the guarantee by €1,000 every day until someone receives a cash handout from Vera&John. Once the guarantee is triggered the pot will restart at €5,000. Don’t forget about the massive €50,000 to be paid out by the end of each month during the promotion! Read all the details on our news page.

Will you be as lucky as Oskar this month? Try your luck today at Vera&John

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