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Mix up some magical wins at Vera&John!

News   •   Jan 26, 2017 15:14 GMT

Mix up some magical wins at Vera&John!

It’s time to dig up your old chemistry set, because we’re going to concoct some spectacular spins here at Vera&John online casino! For centuries, alchemists tried in vain to unlock the secrets of the elements to earn fame and wealth. Lucky for you, Team V&J has found a way to turn spins into gold with a little help from Level Multipliers, Wild Patterns, and brilliant bonus rewards!

What do you get when you mix a hearty helping of wilds with a dash of multipliers? A recipe for sensational spins, of course! That’s exactly what’s on offer when you give this mystical slot a go… so let’s get started! The first ingredient you’ll need to concoct some super wins is a set of brilliant paylines. This game pays both ways, so it doesn’t matter if your winning combo starts on the left or right side of your reels. 

Climb through the levels of this game and you’ll find it positively bubbling with news ways to win. Each level features a Wild Pattern to help you concoct some truly astounding wins. Every time a wild lands on your reels, its magic will spread to add more wilds in the shape of your level’s Wild Pattern.

The more brilliant wins you score, the closer you get to unlocking the next level. Each payline win is marked by turning the square behind it gold- fill your whole reel with gold and you’ll be off to the next level. 

When a level ends, the amazing Level Multiplier comes into action! Keep an eye on the red meter to the right of your reels- it can climb higher with random multiplier amounts throughout a level. The win that finally completes your all-gold reels and ends the level will be multiplied by the Level Multiplier!

Even after the Level Multiplier has finished cooking up some big wins- there’s still more fun to come! At the end of every level, you’ll get to choose whether you want more wild potential or more multiplier potential in the next round. Choose carefully if you don’t want your wins to fizzle! Once the next level starts, you’ve got a chance of activating the Random Bonus feature. There are six magical prizes you could win… good luck!

We’re positively boiling over with excitement here at Vera&John- no eye of newt or toe of frog required. These potions are sure to cause a commotion, but you’d better get spinning if you want to brew some steaming-hot wins!

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