Vilact® is doing it again, now available in the cosmetic clinic segment and surgery

Press Releases   •   Sep 05, 2016 06:10 GMT

​We are proud to announce that Vilact® is now available in the cosmetic clinic segment and surgery as well as pharmacies, health stores and clinics The is no doubt that Vilact® whit the active ingredients Lactoactive® is effective on skin issues and regeneration of skin and wounds, but to be used after surgery to heal up the wounds is remarkably. We have seen very good results in healing

Vilact® has revolutionized the skin care marked once again.

Press Releases   •   Aug 17, 2016 18:40 GMT

New creme of colostrum (first milk) wins price as best natural skin care

Press Releases   •   Dec 09, 2015 06:45 GMT

Nature in its most healthy form - first milk colostrum for newborn - has created the new skin care success Vilact® The new skin care cream, Vilact® Skin Care, has just won the price as "best New Naturel Skincare Product" at Natural & Organic Awards 2015, Scandinavia. An import step towards an international breakthrough for the manufacturer, Pharma GP. Already experienced a strong consumer respond

Dansk creme af råmælk vinder pris som bedste naturlige hudpleje

Press Releases   •   Dec 09, 2015 06:45 GMT

Naturen i sin sundeste form – råmælken colostrum til nyfødte har skabt den danske hudplejesucces Vilact Hudplejecreme Vilact Skin Cream har netop vundet prisen som 'Best New Natural Skincare Product' ved Natural & Organic Awards 2015, Scandinavia. Et vigtigt skridt frem mod et internationalt gennembrud for producenten, Pharma GP, med sit patent på den naturligt aktive ingrediens Lactoactive®

The strongest from nature - Skincare

Press Releases   •   Feb 11, 2014 21:36 GMT

The first milk(Colostrum) from the cow after calving containes a lot of immunstimulerings substances, growth substances, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This is very important for the calf to build up the immune system and build up the stomac. At Pharma GP we have develop a high tech method to refine colostrum and made it stronger than it is from nature. The ingredient has been named Lactoactive®

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Pharma GP is a Danish company that manufactures and markets skin care products of high quality under its own brands and own patents – all products with a full clean profile. Pharma GP puts much emphasis on quality throughout the value chain. With us the science and the use of egfor example active substances centered on the dividend for the end-user. We implement high technology and make active ingredients for a simple product.

With us, the focus is not on ideals, news and empty words. Pharma GP wants to improve the daily life with products that make a difference. Common to all the products is that they are designed with a huge focus on customer experience and power. It is this difference that has led to our huge customer response.


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