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New creme of colostrum (first milk) wins price as best natural skin care

Press Release   •   Dec 09, 2015 06:45 GMT

New creme of colostrum (first milk) wins price as best natural skin care

Nature in its most healthy form - first milk colostrum for newborn - has created the new skin care success Vilact®.

The new skin care cream, Vilact® Skin Care, has just won the price as "best New Naturel Skincare Product" at Natural & Organic Awards 2015, Scandinavia. An import step towards an international breakthrough for the manufacturer, Pharma GP.

The Danish company has with its patent of the naturally active ingrediens Lacroactive® - developed from cows first colostrum for their new-born calves - already experienced a strong consumer response in several countries to its skin care creams. 9 out of 10 consumers repurchases Vilact® Skin Cream which is free of perfumes, parabenes and known substances which interferes with hormones.

Nature in its most healthy form

Pricesely first milk - colostrum - is known as one of natures healthy wonders with its abundant contents of carbonhydrates, proteins, vitamines, minerals growth and immunestrengthening substances. Important knowledge to any breast-feeding mother and now the immediate reason for Vilact's success. Pharma GP has managed to refine and concentrate the active ingredients of colostrum to Lactoactive®, and the users choose the creams when they need to regenerate and protect their skin.

New reports of positive experiences when using Vilact® keep coming. The creams are a.o. used for dry and damaged skin, irritation with blush and iching, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, diabetic skin, healing of wounds, pigment changes, heel chaps, acne, urticaria, vitiglio, ichthyosis, herpes and red baby bums. Further information on

Pharma GP is a Danish company that manufactures and markets skin care products of high quality under its own brands and own patents – all products with a full clean profile. Pharma GP puts much emphasis on quality throughout the value chain. With us the science and the use of egfor example active substances centered on the dividend for the end-user. We implement high technology and make active ingredients for a simple product.

With us, the focus is not on ideals, news and empty words. Pharma GP wants to improve the daily life with products that make a difference. Common to all the products is that they are designed with a huge focus on customer experience and power. It is this difference that has led to our huge customer response.