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InSpect - Small footprint X-ray inspection device

The compact X-ray cabinet InSpect can be used with Mini-Focus or Micro-Focus tubes and film, imaging plates (CR) or digital detectors to generate high resolution images of samples.

X Işını Kaynak Muayenesi – İleri teknoloji ve ağır sanayi buluştu

Kullanıldığı koşullarda yüksek emniyet standartlarını sağlaması gereken boru, tank ve bunun gibi muhtelif yüksek basınçlı kapların imalatında kalite kontrol direktif gereği yapılması gereken bir işlemdir. Herhangi bir arıza çok ciddi sonuçlar ve buna bağlı imalatçı yükümlülükleri doğurabilir.

Контроль сварных швов - Hightech приходит в тяжелую промышленность

Во время производства безопасных труб, резервуаров и сосудов под высоким давлением обязателен всеобъемлющий контроль качества. В особенности необходимо контролировать сварные швы в соответствии с самыми высокими стандартами качества.

Controllo Raggi X di saldature – L’High-Tech incontra l’heavy industry

Nel processo produttivo di pipe, serbatoi o recipienti in pressione si deve porre molta attenzione agli aspetti legati alla sicurezza, è quindi obbligatorio eseguire un controllo qualità completo. In particolar modo i tratti di saldatura devono essere controllati in accordo alle normative vigenti.

Inspection des soudures grâce aux rayons X La High-tech rencontre l'industrie lourde

Lors de la fabrication de tuyaux, de citernes ou de réservoirs haute pression utilisables en toute sécurité, un contrôle qualité complet est obligatoire. Particulièrement les soudures doivent être inspectées en respectant les normes de qualité les plus élevées.

X-ray weld inspection – High-tech meets heavy industry

During the production of safety relevant pipes, tanks or high pressure vessels a comprehensive quality control is mandatory. Especially welding lines have to be inspected complying to highest quality standards.

XRHRobotStar - In-line ADR X-ray inspection

XRHRobotStar - In-line ADR X-ray inspection

Documents   •   Oct 07, 2016 11:12 UTC

In high volume industries like automotive the requirement for a hundred percent X-ray inspection creates a bottleneck in the production. The XRHRobotStar is a fully Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) capable robot-system that allows an ultra-fast in-line inspection.

XRHGantry - Roof mounted inspection system

XRHGantry - Roof mounted inspection system

Documents   •   Oct 07, 2016 11:09 UTC

The inspection procedure of heavy, big or oddly shaped parts demands for a versatile and scalable system. The XRHGantry is a roof-mounted turnkey solution with seven programmable axes. Up to 450kV and a broad detector choice make this system the answer to many different inspection jobs.

XRHCount - SMD component counter

XRHCount - SMD component counter

Documents   •   Oct 07, 2016 11:06 UTC

The XRHCount is the leading contactless counting system for electronic components. To prevent production line stops the system delivers the exact amount of components directly into the warehouse management databases. Combined with an unmatched speed and accuracy this system will revolutionize slow and costly processes.

XRH222 TL - Heavy duty X-ray inspection cabinet

A special challenge in the inspection of heavy and big parts is the difficult part-handling. An efficient solution increases the throughput while reducing the costs. To provide the most convenient solution VisiConsult developed a revolutionary top loader version of the renewned XRH222.

XRH222 - Universal X-ray inspection cabinet

XRH222 - Universal X-ray inspection cabinet

Documents   •   Oct 07, 2016 10:58 UTC

The XRH222 is one of the most versatile cabinets on the market and has dozens of successful installations. It can be used for all kinds of applications like real-time Digital Radioscopy (DR), fully automated ADR and even 3D-CT analysis. This leads to a completely new degree of freedom and flexibility in your inspection-process design!

XRH111 ECO - The basic X-ray cabinet

XRH111 ECO - The basic X-ray cabinet

Documents   •   Oct 07, 2016 10:52 UTC

The main focus of this compact X-ray cabinet for manual real-time inspection are sample parts. The goal is to achieve the same brilliant image quality for a budget price by reducing the comfort items and advanced features of the XRH111. This leads to the best cost-benefit ratio for our customers on the market.