Follow the Money: Woman Buy Conference 2015

Press Releases   •   Nov 24, 2014 12:48 GMT

Women make 80% of all purchasing decisions. They form the largest market on earth - yet many companies overlook this. The Women Buy conference shares knowledge around how companies can increase their profitability by including the demands of women in their strategies. In the 2015 Women Buy, Gigaset, the German consumer electronics manufacturer will share their work with the megatrend Female Shift


Klaus Schroeder: how female driven innovation creates business

News   •   Mar 01, 2014 12:21 GMT

Klaus Schroeder is a strategy director, CEO and partner at design-people, an international, Danish based design consultanty specialised in people driven innovation – inspired by women. At the Women Buying Power conference he will present case studies which will show how female driven innovations has led to new products that make a difference for her, and that both women and men appreciate.


Amelia Adamo: Prime time women - a wealthy but invisible market

News   •   Feb 26, 2014 18:04 GMT

Amelia Adamo is the Chief Publicist and Executive Publisher of Bonnier Tidskrifter AB. She is head of the Amelia Publishing group (magazines Amelia, Tara and M-magasin). At the Women Buying Power Conference she will be talking about how to target the prime time women, the 55+, who form a virtually untapped market.


Author Tony Newton talking about networking at the Women Buying Power conference

News   •   Feb 21, 2014 11:27 GMT

Tony Newton, author of 'The Network Effect' and tutor at Durham Business School, will attend the womens buying conference as a speaker talking about networking.Tony will be talking about what it is that makes one person a more effictive networker than another, and what we can learn from them.


How to build relationships with female consumers - Mary Dean at Women Buying Conference

News   •   Feb 14, 2014 13:09 GMT

Mary Dean, founder/creative director of Kickskirt, USA, one of the first dedicated agencies in the world dedicated to marketing to women, will be speaking at the Women Buying Power conference in Copenhagen March 3-4. Mary will talk about how to build long-lasting relationships with female consumers.


Lena Apler: A woman's aspect on banking differs from a man's

News   •   Feb 09, 2014 21:46 GMT

Lena Apler, the founder and Chairman of the Board at Collector, will be speaking at the Women Buying Power conference that takes place in Copenhagen 3-4 March. Lena will be talking about ”Who is in charge of your economy?” and ”A womans aspect on banking”.


Anna Karin Holck: this will make her her buy - and this will not

News   •   Feb 07, 2014 12:52 GMT

Anna Karin Holck, Country Manager Sweden at KappAhl, has a many years experience of leadership within retail business and chain stores. At the Women Buying Power Conference in Copenhagen 3-4 March, she will be explaining more about sales and services that make her buy.


"The Female Benchmark" guide book to female customers to be offered at the Women Buying Power conference

News   •   Feb 05, 2014 09:10 GMT

Special price for the guidebook "The Female Benchmark", written by Mette Reinhardt Jakobsen and Helle Katholm Knutsen offered at the Women Buying Power conference in Copenhagen March 3-4. The book explains how interaction with female customers can fuel innovation, quality and communication.


Unique conference on women buying power to take place in Denmark

Press Releases   •   Jan 22, 2014 16:03 GMT

The conference “WomenBuyingPower: She decides 80%” - a brand new initiative for Europe – takes place in Denmark on March 3-4 The conference targets companies and organizations who want to better reach female target groups and improve profitability. World-renowned speakers will approach the subject from the many angles: product innovation, marketing, sales and research, spiced with case stories.

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About Women Buy 2015 Conference - Follow the money!

The 2nd European conference on women buying power - Munich Feb 26-27, 2015

The Women Buy 2015 Conference: Follow the Money is the 2nd European conference on women buying power. The conference offers four aspects on the growing buying power of women. The speakers will explore the topic from many perspectives: Product innovation, Marketing, Sales & service and Research - giving a holistic approach on how to reach the huge market that women form.
Knowledge, case stories, statistics & research, do’s and don’ts will be shared and you will come home with a multitude of new ideas and tools to use. The conference will be held during the Munch Design Week at the Oscar von Miller Forum in Munich, Germany on February 26-27, 2015.


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