“BEYOND CASSINI” An experimental art installation celebrating the life and death of one of Nasa’s most successful satellite programs opens at hpgrp Gallery New York, Tribeca.

Press Releases   •   Sep 05, 2017 08:58 GMT

It’s been said, just before a person dies their life’s biggest moments flash before their eyes. “Beyond Cassini” uses this narrative to celebrate the accomplishments of one of the most successful and beloved Satellites in space exploration history.

‘INORI-PRAYER-’ ultra high speed face mapping AyaBambi performance is released

Press Releases   •   Mar 30, 2017 10:32 GMT

By using a state of art projector capable of frame rates of 1000 fps, ultra high speed sensing technology, high depth precise 3D mapping tools, 2D tracking with less than 10 milliseconds delay, WOW created a mapping system that can track objects at very high speeds. This precision is impossible with conventional technology making this collaboration a break through in motion tracking techniques.

Announcing the release of a 4K battle movie that personifies 3D animation software, “Maya Man & Max Man”! 3D modelling data for the robots are released free-of-charge

Press Releases   •   Apr 26, 2016 11:18 GMT

Release of a 4K battle movie that personifies 3D animation software, “Max Man & Maya Man”/ 3D modelling data for Max Man & Maya Man are released free-of-charge

NEO PREHISTORY: Exhibiting works at the 2016 La Triennale di Milano

News   •   Apr 15, 2016 08:00 GMT

Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara have combined 100 instruments and verbs to express a history of desire like a fixed form of poetry. Intelligence is not the only element of evolution. Stupidity, violence, and dishonesty have evolved just as equally. The exhibition communicates that evolutional fate of humanity all the way from the Stone Age to the modern times.

UNITY of MOTION; Digital Art using Boids - an artificial life program

Press Releases   •   Mar 18, 2016 09:13 GMT

UNITY of MOTION considers all moving things to possess the life force. By expressing the fusion of nature and the machine, this work aims, through motion, to provide an opportunity to reconsider the boundary between living and non-living things.

BLUEVOX! to appear in the Amsterdam Exhibition MONO JAPAN - Japanese Craft & Design-

Press Releases   •   Jan 29, 2016 11:11 GMT

For four days from February 4, 2016 (Thurs) - 7 (Sun), WOW's Product label BLUEVOX! will be exhibited at MONO Japan -Japanese Craft & Design-, which opened in Amsterdam's Lloyd Hotel (Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy).

WOW's original interactive artwork "UNITY of MOTION" opens at Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul

Press Releases   •   Jan 15, 2016 09:00 GMT

“UNITY of MOTION”, an interactive artwork that takes the phenomenon of life as its theme opens at Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul

Expo Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion “PROLOGUE” Exhibition Movie

News   •   Jun 11, 2015 10:00 GMT

​WOW inc produced the exhibition movie with a calligrapher, Shisyu, displayed at the entrance of the Japan Pavilion of Milano Expo 2015, which will be held from Fri. May 1st to Sat. October 31st.

SLUSH ASIA 2015 “360° DOME MOVIE / Installation / VI”

News   •   Jun 05, 2015 10:37 GMT

WOW inc was in charge of the space decorations and productions for the international startup event, SLUSH ASIA, which was held in April of 2015 at waterfront area Aomi in Tokyo.

Panasonic 4K Movie

News   •   May 29, 2015 09:00 GMT

The “DIGITAL FUN STUDIO” in the Panasonic Center Osaka, located within Grand Front Osaka, is now open after renovation. WOW has been in charge of the planning, direction, and production of the content streaming on their 98-inch vertical 4K display.

In order to make full use of the high definition image quality achievable only with 4K, we used the concept of a “BOX” as a base to present various different scenes in an omnibus style, as if a real box was placed there. We made use of 100% computer graphics to experiment with a presentation that brings out the reproducibility of a 4K display to its maximum.

グランフロント大阪内、パナソニックセンター大阪に"DIGITAL FUN STUDIO"がリニューアルオープン。WOWは、98inchの縦型4Kディスプレイに流れるコンテンツの企画・演出・制作を担当しました。


WOW created 4K movie for the "DITIAL FUN STUDIO" in the Panasonic Center Osaka.

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