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Zmarta challenges big banks with new app for personal finance

Press release   •   Mar 09, 2017 08:30 CET

Today, the financial service Zmarta launched a new app for the Swedish market, Zmarta Balans, that offers financial advises for everyday life. With a new, more intuitive and easy accessible way to present everything from daily budgets to tips and insights about how to save money, Zmarta wants to challenge banks and other financial services.

Current personal financial apps tend to present too much information or to demand a too high level of interaction from the user, which contradictive enough can result in the subscriber not using the app in question. The aim for our new app, Zmarta Balans, is to make it as easy to have a quick look at your phone and receive a perspective of your current financial state, as it is to find out the time”, said Nima Karimi, Business Development Director at Zmarta Group.

One of Zmarta Balans’s main features is its clear and a simple graphic which demonstrates how much the user can spend during the day. The calculation is based upon the user’s account balance and historic spending pattern. Based on this, the app calculates how much the user can spend to have enough money to last until the next payday, student allowance, or payment of pension. Thus, the user can easily see if he or she have more or less money to spend during one specific day or period.

“In the app-world everything is about making the user experience as fun and easy accessible as possible, otherwise the app risks being discarded rather quickly. To make it both easy and fun to check your private finances, we alternate insights based of the user’s previous purchase history with fun trivia. One example of these facts, which has been very well received in our tests, is the possibility to see how big share of your income that is splurged on expenses less than 100 SEK. Another example is how much you would be able to spend over a year, if it was Friday every day of the week”, said Nima Karimi.

The app also includes a calendar which allows the user to see how much he or she can spend until a specific date, which could be useful before a vacation or another time when more money than usual is needed. Except the possibility to easily check your daily budget, and thereby receive new knowledge about your purchasing habits, the app also provides an overview of how your income and expense history have been during the previous day, weeks, and months. It also shows specific transactions from your bank account, similar to your online bank or your account statement.

Zmarta Balans is a Swedish app, which is available for download in App Store.

For further information, please contact:

Mattias Hallgrim, CMO (marknadsdirektör) Zmarta Group
070 918 87 41,

Zmarta Group offers a range of services within consumer finance. The group is comprised of a range of brands including Zmarta, Freedom Finance and Centum. The company was founded in 1999, has 200 employees and offices in Stockholm, Ängelholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Munich. Zmarta Group is owned by Bauer Media Group.

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