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Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews
Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews

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Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews Scam - Blast Desktop AC Ultra Customer Complaints or Real Deal?

08 April 2021 (Via

Blast Auxiliary AC is an innovative desktop AC that works to cool down your body just like any conventional AC, but while keeping your electricity bills to the minimum. The manufacturing company of the Blast Auxiliary AC states that the reason behind coming up with such an appliance is to allow maximum people to comfortably spend summers which indeed can be quite a trouble without a cooling unit. Priced at economical rates and expected to consume little electricity, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra can be a wise investment, especially when summer is right around the corner

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People mostly associate summer times with happy memories. It marks an end to the long, gloomy, and dark winter days and people can finally come out of their coats and tons of sweaters to hit the beach or go for a run. However, as the summer progresses, it can be a total nightmare too, especially for those who do not have a cooling unit installed in their homes.

In the sweltering heat of summer, anyone can easily lose their mind. Moreover, spending even a little time outdoors makes you extremely dehydrated, and even puts you up at risk of encountering potentially dangerous problems like a heat stroke.

The only solution to keeping away from these problems is to stay indoors, but for some people, it also may not be a viable option since closed spaces can also become suffocating. In such circumstances, many people resort to installing air conditioners to cool themselves down, but with the skyrocketing prices of this equipment, not everyone can afford to get one. However, now with the introduction of Blast Auxiliary AC, you can finally think about spending summers comfortably without having to deal with high electricity bills.

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To know more about this portable cooling unit and how it can help you save your health and money, keep reading this Blast Auxiliary AC review.

Blast Auxiliary Reviews

Air conditioners are indeed a life-saver during the summer months. They can keep your residence cool enough to let you get your daily chores done without suffocating and sweating all the time. While the use of these cooling units has greatly increased during the past few years and the demand is still on the rise, they are still a luxury for many.

This is because, for starters, these units can be extremely expensive to buy. Even if you gather up all your savings and invest them into getting one, you still have tons of bills to pay every month. Not to mention the money spent on their maintenance and cleaning which obviously requires you to hire professional help.

Due to all these reasons, many people still hesitate to invest in a regular air conditioner. And those who do are extremely careful in their usage and try to rely on it as little as possible just so they can control their bill. To save yourself from all this trouble yet spend your summer time happily and comfortably, there are now many options in the market to rely on. One of these options is the Blast Auxiliary AC.

The Blast Auxiliary AC is different from the regular cooling units you see normally because of its size. It is compact, small, and lightweight which means that you can easily carry it around anywhere you like. You do not need to mount it high on the wall as it works perfectly well while placed on your desk or table. This means that you do not need to hire any professional to install it. Moreover, unlike the regular ACs, this one may not need any detailed cleaning service too, and you can pretty much do the maintenance work yourself at home.

Because of the small size, Blast Auxiliary AC can work on minimal electricity which means that you can easily keep using it for as long as you like without worrying about electricity bills at the end of the month. The device comes in different settings and fan speeds to accommodate all users according to their preferences. In addition to cooling the air in your room, it can act as a filter to remove all dust particles while providing soothing light at night to help you sleep in a comfortable environment.

Interested users are advised to visit the official website now to place an order before the discount offer expires.

How Does Blast Auxiliary AC Work To Cool Air?

As mentioned on, there is no rocket science involved when it comes to understanding how this device really works. In fact, its functioning is pretty similar to that of a conventional air conditioner. As soon as you turn it on, it starts sucking the warm air inside, uses cold water or ice inside its system to reduce the temperature, and then releases the pleasant air back into the room.

Every Blast Auxiliary AC has a water reservoir and an ice tray. Both of these parts are extremely important and play a central role in cooling the incoming air. The water reservoir needs to be filled with cold water to allow the AC to work. The colder the water, the better the results. Alternatively, users can also consider filling the ice tray with a sufficient amount of ice. Once done, the cooling unit makes use of either of them to chill the incoming air and release it.

For best results, the company advises all users to place Blast Auxiliary AC directly in front of them so that you can enjoy it to the maximum. Moreover, it has to be placed on a flat surface because it is extremely lightweight and can slip off and break easily if placed on an uneven surface.

Every Blast Auxiliary unit has a water curtain that requires a change every 3 to 6 months. In addition to this, users are instructed to clean the unit regularly with a washcloth.

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Three Modes of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC

According to the official website, there are three different levels on which the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC can work. These modes are mentioned below.

  • Air chiller

The primary mode of Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC is to act as a chiller. It works best in closed spaces and helps cool down the temperatures that may have gone up due to the scorching sun rays outside. Additionally, it can also work as a fan on days when the weather is comparatively pleasant and you don’t feel the need to chill the air but require something to keep the room ventilated.

  • Air filtering device

As soon as you turn on your Blast Auxiliary AC unit, it starts working on optimizing the temperature of your room. However, it is not the only thing this unit is capable of, as per the company. In fact, it can also work as an air purifier side by side.

All the air that this air conditioner sucks is expected to pass through a filtration system fitted into its system. This system removes all dust particles and other waste material that may otherwise trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems in your body.

Consequently, the air it released back into the room is not only expected to be cooler but cleaner as well.

  • Source of Light

Thirdly, the Blast Auxiliary AC also has an illuminating light installed in it. The rays coming from it are well-controlled and not too bright. Therefore, they can set the perfect environment for people to sleep comfortably.

Key Features Of Blast Auxiliary AC

According to Blast Desktop AC reviews online, the following key features of this cooling unit can of great interest for people looking forward to an AC to spend their summers comfortably:

  • It has a compact size
  • It is lightweight; hence, you can carry it anywhere
  • It comes with a built-in light that you can use as a night lamp
  • It comes with a good-sized water tank to cool the warm air
  • It works without creating any noise
  • It has adjustable grills to change the direction
  • It works on a low power mode which can help you save electricity

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Is Blast Auxiliary AC Legit? Evaluating Its Functionality

If you are interested in getting a portable air conditioner for yourself but aren’t sure if you can trust Blast Auxiliary AC, the following characteristics can help you make a decision.

  • It does not come with any cords
  • You can carry Blast AC anywhere
  • It is easy and cheap to maintain
  • It works noiselessly
  • It falls within your budget

Blast Auxiliary AC is free of any cords. It is a compact unit that can be placed anywhere without having to deal with tons of cords that can also mess up the entire look of your room.

As the name suggests, Blast Auxiliary AC unit is “portable” which means that you can easily carry it around anywhere you want. It is lightweight and does not require any significant effort from your end as well. Moreover, because it is not fixed on the wall like the conventional air cooling units, it can also be possible to carry it out of the house.

The conventional air conditioners are very large in size and normally require to be fixed high up on the wall to start working. To install them, you require the help of a professional, of course. Moreover, they also require regular cleaning from deep within which you cannot carry out on your own. Again, you need to rely on a professional to get the job done. All these duties are mandatory for the proper functioning of your cooling unit and can further add to your monthly bills too.

However, with Blast Auxiliary AC, you may not need to get into so much trouble as you can maintain it yourself pretty easily. It is small and lightweight and cleaning it regularly is not expected to be complicated. Other than this, the website recommends changing its water curtain every 3 to 6 months which can also be done by yourself at home.

Many people complain about how their regular coolers produce a lot of noise as they work to cool the environment. The users of Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC may not have to face any such problem as it can work with minimal noise creation, allowing you to focus completely on the task at hand.

Investing in Blast Desktop AC can be a budget-friendly deal for users for a number of reasons. First, it is smaller in size and a lot cheaper when it comes to daily usage as it consumes less electricity. Second, it does not require professional help for installation or maintenance. And third, you can carry it anywhere in your house which eliminates the need to get a separate air conditioner for every room.

Also read what Blast Auxiliary AC customer reviews and user testimonials are saying. Is it a good investment this summer? What if you don’t like its performance? Find Out More Here!

Are There any Blast Auxiliary AC Cons?

According to several Blast Auxiliary AC reviews, there are no such cons associated with this cooling unit. However, a few things must be kept in mind before investing in it.

  1. Blast AC is small in size which means that it can only work well in small spaces. Expecting it to cool larger rooms or work like regular air conditioners in gigantic halls is unrealistic. In such settings, the company advises the users to revert to full-sized ACs.
  2. Blast portable AC is currently available on its official website only and you cannot find it in any physical store or online platform like Amazon. However, if you really think about it, this is more of a pro than a con as this availability restriction can help users get authentic products and avoid falling for a Blast Auxiliary AC scam.
  3. Because it has just been introduced in the market, the company currently has limited pieces of Blast Auxiliary AC in its stock. The demand is expected to rise as summer approaches; therefore, if you wish to get one for yourself, you need to be swift and place an order through the official website now.

Where To Buy Blast Auxiliary AC? Pricing and Refund Policy

To place an order for Blast Auxiliary AC unit, click here to visit today.

The company has mentioned all about the current discounts and bundle packages applicable on Blast Auxiliary AC on its official webpage. While the original price for it is $138.45, it is now up for grabs at only $89.99. And if you opt for more than one of these units, further discounts can also be availed.

For more information on bundle deals, check out the information mentioned below:

  • Two Blast AC units available for $202.48
  • Three units available for $179.98
  • Four units available for $247.47

On every order, customers also get a money-back guarantee that extends up to 30 days. During this time, you can try Blast AC out and see if it fits your expectations. If for some reason, you do not find it good enough, the company is willing to take it back and give you the money you spent on it.

Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews - Ending Thoughts

Blast Auxiliary AC is a compact air conditioning unit that can easily be carried around and can help you get over the scorching heat of summer without increasing your electricity bills. It comes with three adjustable fan settings. Currently, it is up for grabs at discounted prices for a limited time so avail them right now. For more information, visit the official website today and place an order.

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