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The most widely used navigation application worldwide is Google Maps.

According to Survey made by Enterprise Apps Today, More than 100 offers are available in GitHub’s student developer pack.

Enterprise Apps Today further explains a few points in its statistics on Google Maps. These are:

  • Google Maps offers about $200 worth monthly in free services.
  • In July 2018, 67% of all navigation app users favored Google Maps.
  • Google Maps consumes 5MB of data every hour.
  • Around 23 Million Google Maps Active Users changed to Apple Maps In 2012.
  • Google Maps is used daily by around 5 million websites.
  • Google Maps account for 154.4 million users per month.
  • Google Maps was downloaded by around 23,000,000 people in 2020.
  • 54% percent of smartphone users used Google Maps to find their way around in 2021.
  • Google Maps is the most commonly used navigation app in the United States.
  • Google Maps users share more than 20 million data pieces every day.
  • Google Maps is dependent upon 21 petabytes of data.

Google Maps was used by 54% of smartphone users in 2021.

Google Maps was the third-most-popular smartphone app in America as of June 2021. In terms of popularity, Google Maps is only behind YouTube (71%) and Facebook (62%).

Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Search are all in the 53%- 54% range.

This Google Maps news was a great inspiration. You can wait to hear more. Google Maps is powered by Google Play and Instagram. Facebook Messenger is also behind it. And

Facebook Messenger and Google Play are supported by Google Maps. Apple Maps remains absent.


We are glad you were able to discover new information about Google Maps and find answers to your questions. It's possible you had a lot of fun looking through our Google Maps stats.

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