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Fixturlaser NXA - a digital laser based shaft alignment tool

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Fixturlaser NXA - a digital laser based shaft alignment tool

"A revolution in usability" says Elos Fixturlaser's CEO Hans Svensson about the new high-end system for precision shaft alignment, the Fixturlaser NXA. The new laser based shaft alignment tool utilizes the latest technology in digital signal processing. It aims to provide the user with a fast and simple operation, as well as having access to advanced functions and capabilities.

The new alignment system consists of a display unit, a 6,5 inch diagonal touch screen,  with a video game realistic graphic user interface and a new set of sensors. By introducing a gyro-powered OmniView function, the screen will always show the machine to be aligned from the same viewing angle as where the operator is positioned, i.e. the system knows where it is in relation to the machine.

The new sensors use a 2nd generation CCD technology with increased capabilities and reliability. Also the sensors have built-in gyroscopes to provide a quick and reliable measurement of vertically mounted machines. They have the smallest form factor on the market, with built-in batteries and Bluetooth communication, which provide for easy access on machines in limited spaces.

The system operates, at continuous measurement, for more than 10 hours between charges. An advanced charging technology gives the display unit 6 hours of operation after only one hour of charging. The sensors can operate for more than 24 hours without charging.

"If we can provide the ultimate shaft alignment system when it comes to usability, we will help thousands of companies worldwide to become more efficient, but also reduce waste of both components and energy. We believe strongly that if all rotating equipment in the world were aligned within its specifications, we would have a much healthier environment. An alignment system that is as easy to use as the Fixturlaser NXA will pave way for this." says Hans Svensson.

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ELOS Fixturlaser is a global player and a leader in developing innovative, user-friendly equipment for shaft alignment. By helping industry worldwide to become perfectly aligned, and eliminating anything that might not be, we minimize unnecessary wear and production stoppages. This will ultimately make our customers more profitable and our environment more sustainable.


Press contacts

Hans Svensson

Hans Svensson

Press contact CEO +46 31 706 28 00
Ulrika Rafstedt

Ulrika Rafstedt

Press contact Marketing Communication +46 31 702 225690
Kristian Palmdahl

Kristian Palmdahl

Press contact Area Manager, Acoem AB +46 729 84 05 35

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Since the very beginning in 1984, ACOEM AB has helped industry throughout the world to achieve more profitable and sustainable production. We have reached where we are today by having the courage to think beyond the norm and follow slightly unconventional paths. We have had the courage to make mistakes and find new directions. Through our resolve, ambition and knowledge we have become a global player and a leader in innovative, user-friendly shaft alignment.

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During our almost 30 years in the industry, we have drafted, adjusted and experimented more than anyone. Some might say we are incurable innovators whereas others might say that we are highly focused. They probably have a point. If we hadn't been devoted and ambitious, we wouldn't have been the first in the industry to have a touch screen. Nor would we have been pioneers in the use of visible lasers and dual measuring heads.

Over the years, we have learnt to never compromise on quality and we are constantly in search of new, unexplored opportunities by combining advanced technology with design and function. By doing so, we have become the leading innovator in our sector. Not only do we minimize wear, production stoppages and costs, we also help save the environment. Natural resources are in short supply and if we can contribute to a more sustainable world by making it a little bit straighter, we couldn't be happier.

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