Bambora selects Payworks to introduce integrated Point of Sale solution for the global SME market

Press Releases   •   Aug 14, 2018 08:00 EDT

Bambora, a leading provider of multi-channel payment solutions, has partnered with payment technology company, Payworks, to launch Bambora Connect, an integrated and international solution built for POS software providers and their merchants.

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Ingenico Group announces the closing of Bambora’s acquisition

Press Releases   •   Nov 15, 2017 03:25 EST

Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), the global leader in seamless payment, today announced the closing of Bambora’s acquisition, after obtaining approval from the relevant regulatory and antitrust authorities.

The acquisition of this fast-growing player in payment services represents a key milestone in Ingenico Group’s strategy as it:

  • Enables the Group to accelerate the development of its Retail division through a direct-to-SMB channel in the Nordic countries and to deploy the successful model of Bambora in new markets.
  • Enhances the full-service offer with a modern and efficient acquiring platform which will bring greater flexibility and speed in the boarding of new merchants.
  • Extends its geographical exposure both online and in-store.

"From a purely hardware company selling terminals to banks & acquirers, Ingenico Group has, over the past decade, continuously shifted its model towards payment services. Bambora is a key milestone in that strategy. Its integration into our group will enable us to scale up our Retail business, which is key on our path to further improve our position as an undisputable leader of the seamless and omnichannel payment experience,” said Philippe Lazare, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ingenico Group. “The whole group joins me in warmly welcoming all the employees of Bambora and I look forward to working closely with them.”

Om Bambora

Bambora hjälper handlare att utvecklas och växa. Med en rad enkla betalningsprodukter gör Bambora det lättare att hantera transaktioner - på nätet, i butik, och i mobilen.

Bambora grundades 2015 och är en sammanslagning av en rad företag med mångårig erfarenhet inom betalbranschen. Med 700 anställda och över 300 kommersiella partners är Bambora en av de snabbast växande aktörerna i branschen och hanterar idag betalningar på 65 marknader till ett värde av ca 55 miljarder Euro per år. I juli 2017 förvärvades Bambora av Ingenico Group, ett globalt ledande företag inom betallösningar, noterade på den franska börsen. För mer information, besök

Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), the global leader in seamless payment, today announced the closing of Bambora’s acquisition, after obtaining approval from the relevant regulatory and antitrust authorities.

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Ingenico ramps up its transformation: acquisition of Bambora. H1 2017 Trading update.

Press Releases   •   Jul 20, 2017 11:16 EDT

  • Key milestone in the execution of Ingenico’s strategy
    • Expand its own acquiring capabilities on top of existing partnerships in order to enhance the full-service offer
    • Step up the approach of the fast growing end-to-end payment solutions market for SMBs in Europe
    • Extend the geographical exposure of the online and in-store segments
  • Accretion on Ingenico’s economics from 2018 and beyond
    • Organic growth profile enhanced by 1 to 2% per year
    • c.5% EPS accretive impact in 2018 (before synergies and PPA)
    • €30 million of run-rate synergies to be realized over 3 years leading to an EPS accretive impact of c.13%

Headquartered in Stockholm, Bambora employs more than 700 people across Europe, North America and Australia. The group provides a one-stop shop offer to address both Enterprise and SMB markets. Bambora delivers in-store, mobile and online services through end-to-end payment solutions for over 110,000 merchants and enterprises globally. The backbone of its offers consists of a merchant acquiring platform and a customer centric approach relying on an in-depth expertise of full-service offering and value-added services such as fast digital onboarding or data analytics. Bambora, whose model generates more than 90% recurring revenue, reached a gross revenue of €202 million in 2016.

In the next two years, gross revenue and EBITDA are expected to grow over 20% and 30% respectively.

This acquisition represents a key milestone in the execution of Ingenico Group’s strategy towards payment services with a disruptive approach and:

  • Enriches Ingenico’s customer centric offer with complementary technological skills
  • Adds a dedicated direct-to-SMB sales’ channel to the Retail Business Unit
  • Leverages Enterprise combined portfolios with end-to-end payment solutions, including online acquiring capabilities in Europe and specific advanced functionalities for cross-border companies globally
  • Brings scalable assets with a complementary footprint and increases its online and in-store offer in the Nordics, North America and Australia through the addition of new Gateways

Expands our presence in Australia with POS managed services and full estate management offering.

Anticipating the future evolutions of commerce, Ingenico Group has, in recent years, been pursuing a strategy of expanding its offering towards integrated payment services. The acquisition of Bambora represents a key milestone in our strategic plan providing a more integrated client offering and omnichannel solutions. Coupled with the investments made in our platforms and the development of new technological features, Bambora will enhance our customer centric approach and will reinforce our online and in-store positioning through a perfect complementarity. This transaction will be additive to our growth profile and will create value for our shareholders, customers and employees. In parallel, our half-year performance enables us to reiterate our 2017 objectives.” said Philippe Lazare, Chairman and CEO of Ingenico Group.

With our one stop shop payment services, our cross border acquiring capabilities and our customers’ digital approach, Bambora fits perfectly with Ingenico’s strategic initiatives to address market evolutions and focus on merchants’ needs. The combination of our scalable end-to-end solutions with Ingenico’s assets will create great value to our customers by helping them to drive performance. I am very excited about pursuing our development alongside Ingenico and being fully involved within the integration process to offer a world class experience to our customers.” said Johan Tjärnberg, CEO of Bambora.

Bambora is an excellent example of entrepreneurial business innovation, and yet another great Swedish unicorn leveraging strong local tech capabilities to create a global digital leader. Bambora is the result of a strong vision based on deep insight into the market, followed by fast and innovative execution by the management team that I would like to thank for their dedication and exceptional work. With Ingenico Group as new owners, Bambora will be able to further leverage its technology platform and strong team within Ingenico’s footprint for even faster growth and expansion.” says Fredrik Näslund, partner, NC Advisory AB, advisor to the Nordic Capital funds.

Bambora’s top management will reinvest a meaningful part of their proceeds in Ingenico shares and will be fully involved in the development of Bambora within Ingenico.

The closing is expected to occur by the end 2017, subject to approval from the relevant regulatory and antitrust authorities, and after the consultation of the employee representative authorities.

Half-year results in line with our 2017 objectives

  • Revenue of €1,222 million
    • Up 5% on a comparable basis1
    • Up 8% on a reported basis
  • Solid performance across most regions
    • Back to positive organic growth in North America in the second quarter
    • Excluding Brazil, organic growth1 of 6% in the first half
  • Continued positive momentum in ePayments
  • EBITDA2: €244 million representing 20% of revenue
  • Objective for 2017 maintained
    • Organic growth1 c. 7%
    • EBITDA2 margin slightly above 20.6%

Key figures3

Performance in the first half 2017

In the first half of 2017, revenue totaled €1,222 million, representing an 8% increase on a reported basis, including a positive foreign exchange impact of €12 million. Total revenue included €832 million generated by the Smart Terminals and €390 million generated by Payment Services.

On a comparable basis, revenue was 5% higher than in the first half of 2016, a result that included a 3% increase in Terminals and an 11% increase in Payment Services.

Our new organizational framework is now in place. In H1, the Retail Business Unit reported a revenue of €516 million, an increase of 5% on reported figures. On a comparable basis, the increase in revenue was 3%, driven by a good performance in ePayments but impacted by a strong terminals renewal cycle that has taken place in 2016 in Europe.

The Banks and Acquirers Business Unit posted a revenue of €706 million, an increase of 10% on reported figures and including a positive foreign exchange effect of €12 million. On a comparable basis revenue increased by 7%, fueled by a strong demand in Europe and Asia despite a lack of dynamism in Brazil regarding the macroeconomic uncertainties.

Gross profit up 4%

During the first half of 2017, the adjusted gross profit reached €512 million, or 41.9% of revenue. Excluding China, the adjusted gross profit as percentage of revenue represented 43.7% of revenue, or a 10 basis points increase compared to the first half of 2016 pro forma adjusted.

The gross profit in the Terminal division grew by 5% to €385 million, or 46.3% of its revenue following a less favorable geographical mix and components’ shortages in China.

Within the Payment Services division, the gross margin rate fell by 290 basis points to 32.4% of its revenue, resulting from the current investments in our platforms and an evolution of our client and geographical mix.

Operating expenses contained over the semester

In the first half of 2017, the adjusted operating costs were €291 million, representing 23.8% of revenue compared to 25.1% in the first half of 2016. As discussed last February, the investments in our platforms tend to decrease all along the year as the forecasted plan has been achieved.

EBITDA margin and profit from operating activities

EBITDA was €244 million in the first half of 2017, equal to 20.0% of revenue compared to 21.5% in the first half of 2016. We remain confident with our full year EBITDA margin objective as H2 2017 will benefit from a better geographical mix and operating improvements.

After accounting for Purchase Price Allocation and other operating income and expenses, profit from operations totaled €191 million, compared with €184 million in the first half of 2016. The Group’s operating margin was equal to 15.7% of revenue, versus 16.2% in the first half of 2016.

As announced in February 2017, our new organization will enable us to optimize our operating model through higher end-to-end industrial and R&D efficiency, sharing modules across platforms and leveraging scale to optimize our costs.

In that purpose, we have initiated an operational excellence plan with the involvement and commitment of all local managers. We expect cost efficiencies to reach between €20 and €25 million on a full year basis through a continuous improvement plan and efficiency in our procurements. Our operational excellence plan will be rolled out over time.

Free cash-flow

During the first half of 2017, Ingenico Group’s operations generated a free cash flow of €69 million, 8% higher than the prior year leading to an FCF/EBITDA ratio of 28.1%, an increase of 190 basis points. This improvement mainly resulted from the lower tax paid during the semester that has benefited from the geographical mix evolution. In parallel, the Group continued to invest in its activities with CAPEX amounting to €38 million.


Ingenico Group confirms its 2017 objectives:

  • A revenue growth around 7% on a comparable basis
  • A slight increase of the EBITDA margin compared to 2016 (20.6%)

Bambora helps businesses grow. With a suite of simple payment products, it’s easy to keep track of daily transactions both online, in-store, or in-app. Founded in 2015, Bambora has been built with assets having significant experience in the payments industry. Now an international presence, with more than 700 employees, customers in 70 markets, and 300 commercial partners, Bambora processes €55 billion per year. For more information, please visit

Ingenico Group, (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), global leader in seamless payment, today announced the acquisition of Bambora, a fast growing player in payment services, from Nordic Capital for a total consideration of €1.5 billion. The transaction will be fully financed through available cash and debt. The financial leverage will remain below 3x EBITDA leaving Ingenico flexibility for future M&A.

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Bambora acquires Swedish technology for global e-commerce

Press Releases   •   May 12, 2017 15:39 EDT

Bambora strengthens its position in e-commerce and digital payments through the acquisition of Devcode Payment. The integration of Devcode Payment means that Bambora can now provide global companies with a secure, flexible and innovative platform for payments worldwide with more than 250 local payment methods. The acquisition is an important cornerstone for international e-commerce.

Bambora lands in North America

Press Releases   •   May 10, 2017 13:55 EDT

Beanstream, a provider of multi-channel payment solutions, today completes its evolution into Bambora.

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