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Our cost approach is completely comparable to other forms of health care.

Blog post   •   May 09, 2019 22:00 -12

Hello world!

I am the emperor penguin Bowie, the mascot of Bowspirit Kids, on the beautiful Ekström Ice Shelf in the north of Antarctica near Neumayer-Station III.

Some of you guys believe that the purchase of a ship for our project is much too expensive.

You are right so far as the purchase of even an older passenger ferry costs millions of Euros. For this I get a complete hotel with gastronomy, kitchen, rooms and lounges. If I built this in a comparable size ashore, the costs would be just as high.

But the project would then have a major disadvantage - at least from our point of view - because it would be immobile. With a passenger ferry I am not bound to a specific location and can - in addition to the therapeutic effects on travellers described earlier in my blog - act from different starting points. I can come to the guests and do not have to fly them through half of Europe.

To make it clear once more: Bowspirit Kids is a European - North American project. We do not know any national borders for sick children.

And also the maintenance of such a ship costs money - without question. But the costs per day and guest are within the limits of the daily rates for rehabilitation or follow-up treatment in Germany.

So it is correct to say that we need a lot of money for our project. However, it is wrong to say that it is "too expensive", not feasible or something similar. That's exactly not what it is. Our cost approach is completely comparable to other forms of health care.

Have a great time - see you soon!

Yours Bowie 🐧