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Kai Kirkkopelto

Kai Kirkkopelto

Pressekontakt Head of Marketing - Media-related queries & interviews +358 40 9657 235

Unlock your full potential

Better life. Better performance. Hintsa Performance has been guiding people and businesses to achieve both for over 20 years. Hintsa is a leading provider of high performance and wellbeing services. Its science-based methods for optimising health, wellbeing and performance have been proven in the most challenging environments of business and sports.

Clients, from Formula 1 champions and Fortune 500 CEOs to executive teams and employees worldwide, trust Hintsa to help them succeed in their fields. Behind every success story is the support of over 100 professionals. Hintsa’s Performance Coaches, Doctors, and Software Developers work from offices in Zurich, Geneva, London, Helsinki, Oslo and Zug. Together, they share a common goal: to unlock your full potential.