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Trustly und iPANT machen die Pfandrückgabe noch einfacher

Pressemitteilung   •   Nov 07, 2019 08:03 CET

Saeid Rashidi, CEO von iPANT, und Johan Nord, CCO von Trustly

Stockholm, November 7, 2019 - Trustly and iPANT, the provider of digital pledge solutions, announce their collaboration. The collaboration allows users to return their money to their own account and to pay the deposit directly to their bank account.

They return about 1.8 billion bottles and cans per year via the deposit system. ¹  In 2018, about 85% of all cans and PET bottles were recycled in Sweden, and the country is targeting 90%. ²

The new partnership between iPANT and Trustly significantly simplifies the pledge process. IPANT users can return their empty cans and bottles to the iPAT machine installed in their home and scan the QR code displayed on the screen with their smartphone. Then they receive their deposit amount and can easily deposit it into their bank account with Trust.

The partnership is initially limited to Sweden, but is expected to be extended to other Scandinavian countries.

Saeid Rashidi, CEO of iPANT, says: "Sustainability is becoming more important to many people, but they are not sure what they can do .

Johan Nord, Trustly's Chief Commercial Officer, said, "Up until now, trusted to work with a partner like iPANT has made it easier." to do good It is very fulfilling to see how our payment solutions can support positive action in society. "

¹ The recycling revolution in Sweden .

² deposit statistics of (in Swedish).

About Trustly

Founded in 2008, Trustly Group AB is a global leader in online banking payment solutions. Through an account-to-account network, the company avoids card networks, allowing consumers to make their payments quickly, easily and securely through online banking directly from their account. Trustly is a partner to many of the best known names in e-commerce, travel, gaming and financial services. Merchant benefits include higher conversion rates, less administration, less fraud and chargeback risk. Since Trustly covers more than 4,000 banks, more than 600 million European and US consumers have the opportunity to pay with the provider.

Trustly is led by leading private equity investor Nordic Capital and growth investment firm Alfvén & Didrikson. The payment solutions provider employs a total of over 350 people, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and offices in Europe and America. Trustly is a licensed payment institution under the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and is overseen by the Swedish Financial Services Authority. More at

Über iPANT (Techson Nordic AB)

Der IT-Serviceanbieter Techson mit seiner Zentrale in Stockholm ist sehr schnell zu einem internationalen Akteur für komplexe plattformbasierte Systeme geworden, die das Unternehmen über seine Technologiepartner anbietet.

Dabei geht Techson individuell auf jeden Kunden ein und analysiert das Verbraucherverhalten, um dann die Händler zu Zahlungsstrategien, Risikomanagementpraktiken und Branchentrends zu beraten. Weitere Informationen auf

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