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Corona-compliant access control: It is not only the vaccination certificate itself that needs to be checked but also whether the personal data on the vaccination certificate match the data on the ID card.

Interview with profiler Peter Hessel: “No chance for Corona inspectors to detect vaccination certificate forgers. Nevertheless, this could be changed very easily.“

For some time now, 3G, 2G or 2G+ access control is part of our everyday life. In Germany, these abbreviations mean “vaccinated, recovered, tested“ while abroad it is called “Corona-compliant access control.” Only those who actually know how to detect forged vaccination certificates and ID cards, can ensure a safe access to any kind of location.

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Jessica Luh-Fuchs

Jessica Luh-Fuchs

Press contact Dipl. Germ. Team Lead Marketing Communciations +49 921 792 790


DESKO has been developing hardware to read documents such as IDs, bar codes, magnetic strips and chip cards for 30 years. Areas of application range from simply reading or visually recording data all the way to full authentication.

The products are proprietary developments that we manufacture together with regional partners. The “Made in Germany” seal of approval stands for quality and reliability worldwide.

DESKO is a family-run company under the management of Werner and Alexander Zahn. The continuous growth of the company led to the foundation of a parent company, DESKO Holding, in 2003 which comprises subsidiaries in the USA and Singapore along with the headquarters in Bayreuth.
As a medium-sized international company, DESKO relies on a dedicated team of employees and a network of numerous sales partners around the world. DESKO products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Over 250,000 devices are in use every day at airports, banks, government agencies, security companies, and more.

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