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Louise Juel Broch

Louise Juel Broch

Pressekontakt Communications Manager

CenSec - Center for Defence, Space & Security

CenSec (Center for Sikkerhedsindustrien i Danmark) er med sine ca. 150 medlemsvirksomheder den primære klyngeorganisation blandt de små- og mellemstore danske virksomheder, der er eller ønsker at blive leverandører til forsvars-, rum- og sikkerhedsindustrien, samt jernbane og off-shore og den maritime industri.

CenSec was founded in 2004 and established in 2007 as an industrial cluster. In 2018, CenSec was approved by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science to also become a national Innovation Network for Security (Inno-Sec)

Censec has approximately 130 members consisting of companies with cutting edge skills in advanced manufacturing, electronic and software development. Among our members you will also find leading Danish universities and knowledge institutions.

CenSec works with prime contractors, system integrators, Ministry of Defense procurement, logistic and repair agencies etc. to identify, develop and recommend appropriate supplier and sub-contractor capability.


• To develop business networks among small and medium-sized sub-suppliers to the defence, security and space industry.

• To offer assistance to business members to improve market knowledge, competencies and education enabling them to participate in business networks

• By 2020 CenSec will be one of the best cluster and network organizations in Europe offering business networks which will create visible, measurable and sustained results for business members.

• By 2020 CenSec will establish firm cooperation with the most significant and innovative stakeholders both in Denmark and abroad, with a primary focus on Europe, with the aim of becoming the best and most acknowledged innovation cluster in Denmark.

N.O. Hansens Vej 4
7470 Karup