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Jeppe Krog Rasmussen

Jeppe Krog Rasmussen

Pressekontakt CEO Jeppe er ansvarlig for den strategiske retning og operationelle udførelse af alle processer, der er relevante for DanCann Pharma. 29636920

Medical Cannabis, from cultivation to pharmaceuticals; inspired by the patient.

DanCann Pharma was founded in 2018 and is a Danish pharmaceutical biotechnology company powered by cannabinoids. DanCann Pharma is a vertically integrated, licensed cultivation and distribution company based in Denmark. The company focuses on discovering, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing new therapeutic cannabinoids in a wide range of disease areas.

As a company, we work with a clear vision to improve health and quality of life for patients with challenges with the dream of creating tomorrows new cannabis- and cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals by focusing on patented and differentiated innovative drug administration systems.

DanCann Pharma A/S
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