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Jonas Elisson

Jonas Elisson

Pressekontakt CEO and Founder +45 50 22 22 40

About Me-Mover

It all started one afternoon in Stockholm, Sweden, when the founder and chief designer of Me-Mover, Jonas Eliasson, got really tired of his long, inactive and boring commute.

Living outside the city, he used the subway to get in, but the most time was spent getting to and from the train. Jonas was an avid in-line skater, but neither skating nor skateboarding could help him as cobble stone roads and frequent Swedish summer rains made the ride cumbersome and unsafe. Bikes were not an alternative as they were not allowed on the subway. There and then the idea of a compact, foldable vehicle was born.

The idea laid idle in Jonas head in many years, brought to daylight every once in a while, to add features or change construction. And finally in late 2008 Jonas decide it was time to bring the Me-Mover (then
called FUT – Future Urban Transport) to life.

The company was officially founded in 2010 and Jonas gathered a stellar team to help form the company it is today.

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