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System TM and MiCROTEC joins at Trä & Teknik with with an optimization solution with both scanner and cross-cut saw

Press release   •   Aug 13, 2014 14:38 CEST

System TM always has a big focus on new technology and through this it has been
possible to design a new standard concept for scanning and cross-cutting. This
new concept includes System TM optimizing cross-cut saw model Opti-Kap 5003
that now has an increased capacity of up to 40% and Microtec multi-sensor
scanner Goldeneye 302 that makes the scanning more accurate and reliable. The
concept will optimize your company in both staff and wood resources and provide
your production with a higher capacity. 

Version 2 of the Opti-Kap 5000 optimizing cross-cut saw now has an increased capacity of up to 40%

Through new technology and product development it has been possible to not only increase the speed of the saw but also to have the same accuracy of the cut and excellent quality remaining the same high standard.

Asa customer you will be able to reduce the number of saws needed in your production. In some cases, it will be possible to reach the needed capacity with 1-2 saws instead of 2-3. With this solution, the return on investment will be even better for our customers since the price of the saw remains the same.

Current customers of the Opti-Kap 5000 also have the opportunity to upgrade their existing saw lines and through that increase their production capacity with up to 40%. System TM’s upgrade of the existing Opti-Kap 5000 to a Version 2 is therefore not only an advantage for potential new customers, but also for existing customers that will now give a unique opportunity to increase their production
capacity with minimum investment.

A new standard concept: One scanner – one saw.

SystemTM has together with MiCROTEC designed this new concept, which is a simple but
very efficient solution for handling, scanning and cross-cutting of solid wood.
The concept consists of the optimizing cross-cut saw model Opti-Kap 5003 Version 2
and the MiCROTEC scanner Goldeneye 302. This new developed scanner from
MiCROTEC identifies all details of the lumber in the same high standard as the
other scanner models from MiCROTEC.

This new concept is aimed at medium sized companies that today either manually grades their lumber or manually cross-cuts the workpieces.

With this new concept, System TM and MiCROTEC provide an efficient high technological solution that secure maximum capacity and wood utilization at the best price in the industry. 

Successful partnership with a focus on high technology

Joining with Microtec is not unfamiliar to System TM, the two companies work close together on offering customers worldwide the best solutions within the woodworking industry.

The new concept: one scanner – one saw is the perfect example of a successful partnership between the two companies, since the combination with an optimizing cross-cut system and a very accurate scanner gives the customers the best possible opportunity for optimizing their production in both staff and wood resources. The new technology in the concept is a result of both System TM and
Microtec continuously hard work in striving after the best solution for each customer that will upgrade their production.

Please come join us at stand B06:82 at Trä & Teknik 2014 to see how the new concept works.

System TM A/S

SystemTM is a Danish manufacturer of production equipment for the solid wood
industry. The company was started back in 1977 and is located in Odder with 100

Withmore than 35 years of experience and over 300 lines running worldwide, System
TM is the global leading manufacturer of customized cross-cut lines for the
solid wood industry. The main focus of System TM is optimization of staff and
wood resources. With our technical expertise and vast experience we can advise
our customers on all technical aspects needed to be addressed. Our competencies
cover everything from designing the line, installation, commissioning and
training, to service and maintenance - all to make your production as efficient
as possible. All machines from System TM are
assembled and tested at our premises according to our customer’s wishes. Through
the latest technology, a unique project organization, and a big focus on close
co-operation with our customers, we match any specific need through
optimization of your staff and wood resources.


MiCROTECis the technology leader in the field of opto-electronics for the timber
processing industry and has been setting the standards in this market since
1980. The company’s exclusive focus and specialization on timber and its
processing have meant that MiCROTEC now dictates the direction that everybody
else follows in this market. The company has over 20 engineers employed in
research and development using the very latest systems and technologies and
working at achieving continuous improvements in MiCROTEC products and enticing
every last secret from timber. MiCROTEC
originates from and still has its head office in Brixen in South Tyrol, Italy,
a region where timber processing has a long tradition. Over the years MiCROTEC
has grown internationally and with a workforce of over 130 employees, the
MiCROTEC Group is now working all over the world.