Flybe Finland’s routes will be moved to Finnair from May 1st onwards

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Flybe Finland’s routes will be moved to Finnair from May 1st onwards

Starting May 1st all Flybe Finland’s routes become a part of Finnair's contract flying arrangements, and the flights will carry a Finnair (AY) flight designator instead of Flybe’s (BE) code.

Flights up to 30.4.2015 can still be booked from Flybe Finland channels and there will be no schedule changes.

Flights from 01.05.2015 onwards will be available on Finnair channels on Tuesday, March 10th. The change may cause some changes to the schedules of Flybe Finland flights that have already been booked and which depart on May 1st 2015 and onward. Passengers will be informed of possible changes as soon as possible.

Bookings made through Flybe Finland will be automatically transferred to Finnair, at no inconvenience to customers.

The routes are between Helsinki and the following destinations:









Flybe Finland will continue to operate Finnair's Finnish and European flights.


More information about the upcoming changes can be found from Finnair and Flybe Finland websites on March 10th.

Finnair media desk, +358 9 818 4020,

Flybe Media Desk, +358 40 450 9490,


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Flybe Finland is a Finnish airline company established in 2011 and Finland’s largest domestic carrier. Sixty per cent of Flybe Finland’s share capital is held by the British Flybe and 40 per cent by Finnair. The company operates 8 routes of its own in the Baltics and Scandinavia as well as a considerable percentage of Finnair’s flights in Europe and Finland. Flybe Finland’s fleet includes a total of 26 aircraft and the company employs around 700 people in Finland. Flybe Group is Europe’s leading regional airline with destinations in 16 countries and a total of 170 routes.

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