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Next Generation Podspeakers attracts massive attention at IFA

Press release -

Next Generation Podspeakers attracts massive attention at IFA

World-famous Danish Podspeakers presenting "Next Generation Podspeakers" is a huge attraction at EET Europarts´ stand this year.


The original MiniPod is one of the world’s most recognised loudspeakers, a true design icon, and the model that started it all for Podspeakers. Since its launch in the mid 1990s, the MiniPod has set a benchmark for what can be achieved when moving away from conventional box designs.
MiniPod displayed in MoMA Design Stores in New York        

Next Generation Podspeakers

Play Music Wirelessly - Hi-Fi sound - Stereo Pairing - Colours and Kevlar

Launch of the new and completely modified versions of the MiniPod, together with BigPod and The Drop, was set at IFA 2016, and the interest among audience to see the new speakers has been immense.
One of the most obvious design changes made is the replacement of the yellow Kevlar colour - a signature from the very first beginning when the MiniPod was introduced by Bowers & Wilkins - to a new and modern looking dark grey Kevlar colour. Another design change is the trim rings, also called the Hoops framing the Kevlar: The Hoops, and also the well-known Spikes, can now be replaced with Hoops and/or Spikes in wooden material, available in two different genuine wood species, and in four different metal colours in solid aluminium. The Hoops are attached via magnets and are therefore easy to replace. With these new features, customers can give their Podspeakers a unique DIY look.
Besides a profound upgrade of the acoustic image for MiniPod, BigPod and The Drop, another important feature upgrade is the possibility of stereo pairing using two Stand-Alone Bluetooth speakers for a True Wireless FULL ACTIVE solution.
Global Brand Manager, Lise Vestergaard says: "For the launch of "Next Generation Podspeakers" at IFA, we did have high expectations. And we have not yet been disappointed. Dealers and consumers have welcomed the high quality of sound, the new features and design look with much enthusiasm and excitement. Podspeakers will for sure deliver great sound and cool design for all their fans, appreciating listening to music with both their eyes and ears - also in the future." 
"Next Generation Podspeakers" is a comprehensive upgrade of the famous and iconic speakers, loved by hi-fi entusiasts all over the world.
The company behind the Podspeakers brand today is EET Group. Group CEO John Thomas, says: We will continue to breathe new life into the Podspeakers range, and ensure that the speakers match the needs of the modern generation. We are proud to bring this famous 20+ year old Danish loudspeaker brand to new heights."

IFA Hall 7.2a Stand No. 109

Customers, journalists and media contacts are most welcome to visit our IFA booth: No. 109, Hall 7.2a



All products will be available for sale in November 2016.



Podspeakers are produced by EET Group A/S.

For further information about distribution, resellers and reselling, please contact:

EET Group A/S

Brian Larsen, Commercial Director
Mobile +45 20 212 002

Tempovej 41 . 2750 Ballerup . Denmark



Podspeakers for the modern generation

Danish company Scandyna’s history goes back to 1965 and includes the overwhelming success and iconic status of the Podspeaker range in the 1990s. Today Podspeakers continue to impress hi-fi enthusiasts with their unique design and impressive sound. 

The company behind the Podspeakers brand today, EET Group, continues to breathe new life into the Podspeakers range, and to ensure that the speakers match the needs of the modern generation. The digital audio era for streaming services is growing, as are the new concepts of multi-room and interoperability between brands and platforms.

The Podspeakers’ functionality and performance will change accordingly and will follow this trend, but the core focus on iconic design with great sound will stay the same. 

EET Group hopes to bring the brand and history of Scandyna and Podspeakers great success in the years to come, and truly believes, that the design is significant enough to remain iconic as a modern classic that will continue to be relevant to a lifestyle and design oriented global audience.



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