ExproSoft partners with Altea Resources in Algeria

Press Releases   •   May 03, 2018 10:10 GMT

ExproSoft, a supplier of well integrity and reliability software to the oil & gas industry, has partnered with Altea Resources, a global oilfield solutions provider, with focus on the Algerian market. The partnership enables delivery of end-to-end well integrity management to Algerian E&P operators, including well integrity training, software solutions, support, and consultancy.

The Sand Control Challenge

News   •   Nov 23, 2017 11:38 GMT

Considering the significant cost of failure and loss of production, shouldn’t the industry ensure a data-driven approach to improve the reliability of their Sand Control equipment?

Maintenance Compliance Reporting

News   •   Sep 05, 2017 08:13 GMT

New feature in WellMaster IMS boasts flexible reporting and trend analysis of preventative maintenance.

Cloud-based WellMaster IMS implemented ‘down under’

News   •   Aug 08, 2017 07:22 GMT

WellMaster IMS was recently delivered as a fully cloud-based solution for an E&P operator in Australia and New Zealand. As the first client on the new hosted platform, the operator saves both time and cost in implementation and IT maintenance.

What is Miriam RAM Studio?

News   •   Feb 09, 2017 14:15 GMT

At the end of 2016, ExproSoft announced the acquisition of Miriam and its premier simulation tool Miriam RAM Studio. But what is it, and how does it fit with the WellMaster software suite?

ExproSoft to launch well life simulator

Press Releases   •   Nov 21, 2016 09:00 GMT

ExproSoft is launching WellMaster Simulator, a cloud-based well life simulator for new and mature fields. The solution will help oil & gas operators accurately predict well interventions, downtime, and expenses (OPEX) for both new field developments and fields in operations.

ExproSoft announces acquisition of Miriam

Press Releases   •   Oct 20, 2016 06:49 GMT

​ExproSoft, a supplier of well integrity and reliability software to the oil & gas industry, has acquired Miriam, a supplier of RAM analysis software. The acquisition strengthens and complements ExproSoft’s software portfolio, and further increases the capabilities of ExproSoft to aid oil & gas operators with increasing well uptime and reducing intervention and maintenance cost.

​Did you know that WellMaster RMS is ISO 14224 compliant?

News   •   Oct 10, 2016 11:42 GMT

That's right, all data in WellMaster RMS is collected in accordance with the recently updated standard.

Automatic Valve Testing in WellMaster IMS

News   •   Oct 05, 2016 10:09 GMT

In cooperation with Aker BP (previously Det norske), we have developed functionality to make valve testing simpler, more efficient, and with less chance of errors.

SPE paper from Total E&P, featuring WellMaster IMS, now available

News   •   Sep 09, 2016 08:38 GMT

Total E&P UK recently presented the paper "The Use of Well Integrity Management Systems & Software to Increase Organisational Understanding" at the SPE Intelligent Energy conference, featuring their experience with WellMaster IMS. The paper is now available from Onepetro.org.

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