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Johan Giæver Marvik

Johan Giæver Marvik

Press contact Commercial Director +47 406 39 075
Jon Melkersson

Jon Melkersson

Press contact +46 706 2559085

Air Leap Finland

Air Leap is a young Swedish regional airline with destinations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Our business is a mix of procured and commercial traffic for both private and business travelers but also for societal functions. Our flexibility and speed means that we can tackle lines where we see that there is an opportunity to offer the market even more opportunities. We are as much rural as big city, as much inland as coast. Good communications create a foothold for more and better business and give people the opportunity to see and experience fantastic places.
We are the Nordic airline, we shrink the Nordic region and give people opportunities for meetings and experiences.

Air Leap
Bollstanäsvägen 3
192 78 Sollentuna