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HCL Technologies nimetty vuoden 2012 ulkoistuskumppaniksi

LONDON, 31 October 2012 - The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) has named leading global IT services company HCL Technologies as its 2012 Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year.

The announcement was made at a gala ceremony in central London on 25th October, and saw HCL recognised for its commitment to its customers and employees, as well as its excellence in driving innovation in the industry. 

In awarding the Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year Award, the NOA’s judging panel considered HCL’s contribution to a number of key areas, including its approach to innovation, strategy, best practice and governance and partnerships. Each of these areas was identified as essential for driving the industry further forward in an increasingly unstable economic climate. 

Steve Cardell, Corporate Vice President – Europe, HCL Technologies, said, “We’re delighted to have won this award, particularly in the face of such fierce competition. I strongly feel that this award is an acknowledgement of the fact that we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of traditional outsourcing models collapsing in the global market. It also offers a clear endorsement of the role we have played in adding value to end-user organisations that are dissatisfied with existing suppliers. 

“HCL is committed to driving innovation within the industry by working alongside customers to provide an alternative outsourcing model that allows value to be created. In taking this alternative approach, we have not only been able to help customers to transition from existing contracts with suppliers but also to achieve significant ROI.” 

HCL’s commitment to making employee satisfaction its primary focus is embodied by its pioneering ‘Employees First, Customers Second’ (EFCS) philosophy, which has enabled a transformation in its business. By encouraging a unique management culture, HCL has been able to drive innovation across the business, empowering employees to transform client engagements and deliver greater customer satisfaction. As a result, HCL recently reported an increase in quarterly revenues of 3.2% QoQ to US$ 1,114m with the European business posting a revenue increase of 16.4% YoY in Q1 FY2013, and 2.8% QoQ in the first quarter of FY 2013. 

About HCL Technologies 

HCL Technologies is a leading global IT services company, working with clients in the areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses. Since its inception into the global landscape after its IPO in 1999, HCL focuses on ‘transformational outsourcing’, underlined by innovation and value creation, and offers integrated portfolio of services including software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management, engineering and R&D services and BPO. HCL leverages its extensive global offshore infrastructure and network of offices in 31 countries to provide holistic, multi-service delivery in key industry verticals including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Services, Public Services and Healthcare. HCL takes pride in its philosophy of ‘Employees First, Customers Second’ which empowers our 85,335 transformers to create a real value for the customers. HCL Technologies, along with its subsidiaries, had consolidated revenues of US$ 4.3 billion ( 22,471 crores), as on 30th September, 2012 (on LTM basis). For more information, please visit www.hcltech.com 

About HCL Enterprise 

HCL is a $6.2 billion leading global technology and IT enterprise comprising two companies listed in India – HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems. Founded in 1976, HCL is one of India's original IT garage start-ups. A pioneer of modern computing, HCL is a global transformational enterprise today. Its range of offerings includes product engineering, custom & package applications, BPO, IT infrastructure services, IT hardware, systems integration, and distribution of information and communications technology (ICT) products across a wide range of focused industry verticals. The HCL team consists of over 90,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 31 countries including over 500 points of presence in India. HCL has partnerships with several leading global 1000 firms, including leading IT and technology firms. 

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HCL Technologies palvelee pohjoismaisia asiakkaitaan noin 1 500 asiantuntijan voimin. Tästä määrästä noin 25% yrityksen asiantuntijoista toimii pohjoismaissa ja 75% asiakkaiden tarpeiden mukaan eri puolilla maailmaa. HCL Technologies on toiminut Ruotsissa jo noin 5 vuotta ja avannut lisäksi toimistot syksllä 2010 Suomeen, Norjaan ja Tanskaan. HCL Techologies työllistää Suomessa tällä hetkellä noin 100 asiantuntijaa.  Henkilömäärä on kasvanut noin 30% vuoden 2010 aikana. 


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Ajay Davessar

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HCL Technologies lyhyesti

HCL Technologies (HCLT) on julkisesti noteerattu vuodesta 1999 ja maailmanlaajuisesti toimiva IT palveluyritys Intiasta. Toimintamme tavoitteena on tehostaa IT-palveluidemme vaikutusta asiakkaidemme liiketoimintaan ja tuottaa innovatiivisia lisaarvopalveluita heidän tarpeisiinsa. Palvelutarjontamme koostuu seuraavista kokonaisuuksista: ”transformational outsourcing”, Engineering ja T&K yhteistyöpalvelut, ERP järjestelmien käyttöönotto ja ylläpitopalvelut, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), perinteisten sovellus-, sekä pilvipalveluiden kehittäminen ja ylläpito, sekä Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Toimimme 31 maassa, joissa tarjoamme palveluita asiakkaillemme joko on-shore, near-shore, off-shore tai hybridi toimintamalleilla, asiakaskohtaisesti räätälöityinä. Palvelutarjontamme kohdentuu erityisesti seuraaville toimialoille: valmistava teollisuus, finanssi- & vakuutus, kuluttajapalvelut, kommunikaatio ja media sekä terveydenhuolto. Olemme ylpeitä johtamismallistamme ”Employees First, Customers Second”, joka on johtanut erinomaiseen kehitykseen asiakas- ja henkilöstötyytyväisyyden osalta . HCL:n palveluksessa on noin 79 000 työntekijää luomassa lisäarvoa asiakkaillemme ympäri maailmaa. HCL Technologies’in sekä tytäryritykyksiemme konsolidoitu liikevaihto on noin 3 miljardia USD (joulukuu 2010) ja koko HCL:n liikevaihto noin 5,7 miljardia USD. Lisätietoja www-sivuiltamme www.hcltech.com

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