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We have been awarded the ”Kranmärkt” label!

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We have been awarded the ”Kranmärkt” label!

On the World Water Day 22 March we celebrate that we have been awarded the “Kranmärkt” label. Itmeans that we take stand for the environment by saying no to bottled water. Instead we serve and drink fresh, good for you, locally-sourced tap water.

“Kranmärkt” is the Swedish water and wastewater association. When we choose to drink tap water instead of bottled water we contribute to a better and more sustainable environment!

"By becoming a tap labeled brand, we want to take a stand for a better environment and inspire others to also choose tap water,” says Fredrik Skarp, CEO, FM Mattsson Mora Group.

In many countries of the world, you have access to clean water around the clock, directly from your tap and yet we choose to drink liters with bottled water per person per year.

There are many advantages to choosing tap water in front of bottled water. Tap water is locally produced and distributed in pipelines, while bottled water must be both produced and transported, causing both unnecessary carbon emissions and waste. The tap water you drink is fresh while the bottled water is transported for a long time and remains in the store for a long time before consuming it.

To inspire others to making better choices and changes for a more sustainability world we have started aCare for water concept. Because we are sure that we together can make a difference! Read more about our sustainability concept, our sustainability measures and what we’re doing to contribute to a better environment at

Together we can make a difference, drink tap water!



The Swedish industry jewel FM Mattsson Mora Group is the largest Scandinavian manufacturer of mixer taps. For 150 years we have developed manufactured and marketed faucets and mixers under the strong, established brand names FM Mattsson and Mora Armatur.

In May 2014 FM Mattsson Mora Group acquired Danish Damixa. Damixa was founded in 1932 and still manufactures Danish designed taps at the factory in Odense. The company is the leader in the Danish market for mixer taps and covers most household and public building requirements.

Scandinavia is the company's primary market. FM Mattsson Mora Group realised a 2017 turnover of more than 1,1 billion SEK and employs approx. 550. The activities as well as the head office are centred in Mora, Sweden.

Press contacts

Fredrik Skarp

Fredrik Skarp

Press contact CEO FM Mattsson Mora Group AB +46 250 59 64 05

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