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Milcobel and CEO Peter Koopmans end their mutual cooperation

Press releases   •   Dec 23, 2019 12:19 CET

The Board of Directors of dairy cooperative Milcobel announced that it was decided, by mutual agreement, to end the cooperation between Milcobel cvba and CEO Peter Koopmans with immediate effect.

Pending the appointment of a new CEO, the position will be filled by an interim CEO, who will be announced as soon as possible.

Much like the rest of the sector, Milcobel is constantly changing. Change that is driven on the one hand from external dynamics such as market developments and policy influences; and on the other hand via internally driven change processes that aim to improve profitability. Notwithstanding the investments made in recent years, the expanded product portfolio, the strong positions in new markets, and the reinforced strategic orientation, Milcobel's milk price position did not deliver what was expected compared to the environment.

Dirk Ryckaert, President Milcobel: “With this decision, the Board of Directors sends a signal that the speed of the ongoing change processes must be increased and that the set objectives must be met quickly and decisively in order to improve the milk price position and profitability in both the short and medium term, and have a quicker return on investment. The Board of Directors hereby emphasizes the role that it wants to play in the success of the dairy cooperative, in order to ensure a stable future for Milcobel. ”

Milcobel is the largest Belgian dairy cooperative. With craftsmanship, dairy products are created that are authentic, healthy, high-quality and tasty. The Milcobel Group has 7 branches in Belgium and France.

Milcobel collected around 1.6 billion liters of milk in 2018 (which is 40% of the total Belgian milk production) from 2600 dairy farmers, which are processed by 2,000 employees into high-quality dairy products such as cheese, butter, milk powder, ice cream, milk drinks, cream and whey. In addition to its own brands and private label consumer products, Milcobel produces raw materials and ingredients for the food industry.

Milcobel is a Belgian company with global ambition and customers in more than 100 countries. www.milcobel.com

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