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Furetank's CEO Lars Höglund in his daily life on Donsö
Furetank's CEO Lars Höglund in his daily life on Donsö

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Shipowners and captains since the 1700's

Welcome to the home of Furetank: Donsö, the small island with an entrepreneurial spirit and more than 10 international shipping companies.

In this film you get to know our owners, the Höglund family: captains and shipowners since the 1700’s. Story told by CEO Lars Höglund. 

It especially warms our heart that the passion of his father Hans is depicted in this film, since he is no longer with us. But new ships and generations continue to carry Furetank forward…

Thank you our insurance company The Swedish Club for a heart-warming film, portraying the spirit of Furetank.


Press contacts

Lars Höglund

Lars Höglund

Press contact CEO - Telefonsamtal från annonssäljare undanbedes - +46 (0)705 74 96 41

A Swedish shipping company: not a giant but a leader

Furetank, based on Donsö in the Gothenburg archipelago, is a Swedish, family-owned shipping company active in tanker shipping since the early 1950’s. Furetank operates 9 owned vessels and is founding member of the Gothia Tanker Alliance: a market platform for small and intermediate product tankers, operating 40 vessels in European waters. We are not a giant but a leader – continuously striving to adopt green solutions for environment and climate.

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430 82 Donsö