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Yvonne Höglund steps into Furetank HR

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Yvonne Höglund steps into Furetank HR

Yvonne Höglund is a certified HR specialist and the latest member of Furetank’s owner family to step into the company. She has taken on the role as HR director, bringing experience from many years in retail and other industry segments.

After studies Yvonne Höglund paved her own path, gathering experience in business development and personnel policy from various companies, which she now brings into Furetank.

– I am proud and happy to join my siblings in the company and contribute to passing on what my father, his father and grandfather have created. I grew up in shipping and have photos of myself as a toddler running around on deck with a baby bottle. This is an intriguing industry, and Furetank has chosen to invest great commitment in national shipping politics and the industry as a whole. I find it to be a very inspiring and stimulating work environment, says Yvonne Höglund.

As a company, Furetank has always had a strong focus on caring for its employees, but given the rapid pace of company expansion in the past years, Yvonne Höglund sees a need for structures and systematics to be put in place in the HR area. A task she is now taking on.

The large-scale recruitments of crews for the new VINGA vessels being delivered from the shipyard in the coming years is another main assignment, engaging the personnel and HR department as we speak and for several years going forward.

– Furetank today is a completely different company today from when when I grew up. Its development is almost hard to grasp, everything moves in an astonishing pace. This business constantly on the move, just like our personnel. New ports, new constellations of people in new and challenging situations. You just need to grab hold, follow along and support the company and people as best as you can. I find it very exciting.




Lars Höglund

Lars Höglund

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