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The Nordic Barnhouse Project with CIGS solar panels from Green Energy Solarroof
The Nordic Barnhouse Project with CIGS solar panels from Green Energy Solarroof

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CIGS Solar Cells: The New Favorite Among Architects

The new darling is CIGS solar panels, and even architects love them. Read on to find out why

In an era of increasing focus on sustainability and climate-friendly construction, architects are facing a challenge: how to combine aesthetics with the requirements of low-emission buildings?

Solar panels have always been an element that clashes with architects' aesthetic visions. The large, unaesthetic crystalline solar panels with heavy aluminium frames have been a blight on their architecturally beautiful buildings. But now, there's a solution on the market that not only meets the technical requirements but also satisfies architects' sense of aesthetics.

Conventional crystalline solar cells have been criticized for their negative impact on architectural expression as well as their questionable sustainability. Studies show that they are enormously resource-intensive to produce in terms of material usage and CO2 emissions. But now, there's a new player in the game: CIGS solar technology, sold by Green Energy, has managed to address these concerns. Not only are these solar cells aesthetically appealing and slim, but they also emit only a third of the CO2 compared to their crystalline counterparts.

What makes CIGS solar cells so special?

What truly sets apart Green Energy's CIGS solar cell solution from others is its design and construction. These solar panels lie flat and elegant on the roof, almost invisible, seamlessly integrating with the architecture. Their ultra-light design, at only 3 mm thick and weighing 2.2 kg per square meter, makes them ideal for steel roofs without the need for additional structural calculations. Even in shade, they deliver impressive results with only minimal reduction in output.

This innovative approach to solar technology not only provides a sustainable energy source but also an aesthetically pleasing solution for architects. Now, architects finally have beautifully designed, energy-efficient solar cells that positively contribute to life cycle assessment (LCA) calculations and climate-friendly construction, without compromising on either aesthetics or sustainability.

Read more about Green Energy's CIGS solar cells here.

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Nadja Ahrenfeldt

Nadja Ahrenfeldt

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