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Haaga-Helia of High Repute in Finland

Haaga-Helia's reputation among customers and partners is excellent according to a recent corporate image survey by T-Media Oy. The study looked at the conceptions affecting the reputation of Haaga-Helia’s stakeholders in eight domains - administration, finance, management, innovation, interaction, products and services, workplace and responsibility - as well as the support by stakeholders to Haaga-Helia.

The best rankings Haaga-Helia scored in economy and innovation. About 80% of respondents believe that Haaga-Helia is developing and renewing and implementing its activities in an inventive way.

According to the study, however, the true strengths of Haaga-Helia are found in the areas of leadership and management. The university is well-managed and goal-oriented and its operation open and transparent. Haaga-Helia was also described as international and having high quality of teaching and business cooperation.

The most potential development points, in turn, relate to the employer image and interaction with stakeholders, even though these are at a good level, too. Respondents hope for even larger-scale cooperation and further development of education along with active communications.


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