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I-Hand Massager Reviews & Price Complaints 2021: Read Before Buying!!

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I-Hand Massager Reviews & Price Complaints 2021: Read Before Buying!!

Published Via 11Press: Ontario, Canada: In recent times, since the introduction of mobiles and laptops in our life, we use our hands, especially fingers, excessively for typing things. Our work is also centralized more towards typing than writing. Many people suffer from numbness in fingers and hands hence it is essential to take care of it. The feeling of stress in your fingertips will affect the work you do on the computer which nowadays is a must for a corporate job. The I-Hand massager is one of the best options to reduce reduces finger numbness, joint pain and relaxes hand muscles.

About I-Hand Massager

A hand massager helps you relieve your pain, arthritis and carpal tunnel. The I-Hand massager is perfect for elderly people and for people who experience joint pain, arthritis, numbness, etc. Since it can run on battery also, it can be carried if you want to. The powerful 2000 mAh battery can last straight 3 hours of operation. It is found out that if you relax your hand and fingers once a week it will keep you more energetic and fit. The i-Hand massager is equipped with microchip programming to give you a customized tone that relaxes you by massaging your acupressure points in fingers, palms, and the lower part of the arm.

The I-Hand massager is made of small airbags that relax your hand muscles and activate circulation by applying pressure on different parts. The heater installed controls a number of infrared waves emitted by each part of the massager. The product has two operative modes and three power levels. You can set the desired applications on the screen.

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Benefits of i-Hand massager

Massage and regular medication is the best solution to keep fit. The study showed that there were the following improvements after using massager:

  • May Reduced Anxiety: Anxious person puts on body fat because of flooding of the bloodstream with Cortisol. Massage reduces anxiety to a considerable level.
  • May Help in Better Sleep: Due to the sufficient pressure on nerves dopamine from the gland is released. The hand massage will help release this chemical which helps reduce anxiety, pain, and tension.
  • May Reduces Hand Pain: I-Hand massager can effectively reduce pain due to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others, and it is proven in a medical survey. The pain can be reduced as much by 57% if a hand massage is practiced once a week.
  • Increased grip strength: We do a lot of work with our hands and fingers. A typical arthritis patient loses grip strength considerably and simple things like pouring a glass become difficult. Hand massager works on pressure points of the hand and it helps in reducing the pain significantly thereby regaining the grip strength.

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Features of I-Hand massager

The hand massager will have various features which can be operated by self or professionals. Here are some important ones:

  • Air compression massage: The small airbags will operate based on the programming. You can select the mode of strength and just put it on and rest till it accomplishes its job.
  • Two modes: There are different modes for males and females considering the difference in strength. The pressure will be automatically adjusted based on the mode you select.
  • Heating hot compress: Hot compress method helps to promote blood flow and muscle relaxation. The timer allows you to set the desired time for hot compress therapy.
  • Automatic timing: Once you set the desired time the auto-off system will keep you rested as there is no worry to switch it off manually.
  • Three-level massage strength: Based on your need you can set the strength with which you want to carry out a hand massage.

How i-Hand Massager Works?

The i-Hand massager is a specific equipment that can be used on your hands. As we know the nerves end at our fingertips and then blood circulates back to the main artery. If your fingers are getting numb means, you have excessive stress on them and the hand massager does the work of releasing this stress through pressure therapy.

This electric machine has small airbags. When you place your hand in the massager and put it on, these airbags apply pressure on your pressure points and relax the stressed nerves. There is hot compress therapy too which helps stimulate the blood flow.

The relaxation in fingers and hands will prompt relief in other organs and muscles in the body. The I-Hand massager applies compression, kneading, vibrations, etc while massaging your hand.

Pricing, Refunds, and Shipping

The pricing of the I-Hand Massager UK, USA, Israel, Canada, Singapore & Japan etc is affordable and its value is worth its performance. With the auto-features, you don’t need to put effort while massage is on. The prices also are based on the types and features included in the product. A single unit of i-Hand Massager is available at the price of $ 109.95 (50% off) with free shipping (No Promo Code Needed).

If you will order 2 units of i-Hand Massager it will cost you $94.98/unit and the for 3 units the discount will increase and it will cost you in $83.32/unit only. Free Shipping is Available on every purchase (No Coupon Code Needed).

Where to buy an i-Hand Massager?

You can buy I-Hand Massager in worldwide through an official website only. It will be delivered to the address mentioned while booking online. During the launch of the product, the company is offering a promotion for this product. If one wishes to purchase in bulk, there is a huge discount offer on the card.




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