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Björn Elowson

Björn Elowson

Press contact CEO & Founder +46 705 366 941
Mats Wernheim

Mats Wernheim

Press contact Founder & Chairman +46 70 282 58 90

We have a bold idea – we think that we have to turn recruitment upside-down

​Because you know what – we can´t have processes where we ask candidates for everything but give only one or few something back. We would argue that the candidate him/herself should own their data and be able to reuse it, sharpen it and make it searchable (if that is what the candidate wants to). If you really think about it – isn’t it better to share and cooperate if that is what everyone wants?Ok, so imagine this: In a not so distant future, you might not need to post any ads at all, instead you would apply directly to candidates - (yes, we know – it’s just a dream – just a bold idea). But, what if...JobAgent is the world’s first sharing service for candidates. Our vision is to make potential accessible for all!

Humlegårdsgatan 22
114 46 Stockholm
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