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Junglemap launches Privacy Awareness 2022

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Junglemap launches Privacy Awareness 2022

Modern organizations have to deal with large amounts of information — and a real risk that personal data go astray, for example in the event of a cyber-attack. Today, January 12th, Junglemap launches Privacy Awareness 2022 to help organizations provide privacy training to all employees.

After the introduction of GDPR, many organizations have made a solid effort to improve their privacy practices. However, many struggle to comply with the rules and supervisory authorities have sanctioned breaches with fines up to several millions of euros, according to

– All organizations process personal data. They cannot ignore this; if they do, they will eventually break the law and lose people’s trust. Good privacy requires a certain level of knowledge and the right behavior among all employees. NanoLearning helps you get there, easily and effectively, says Matti Olofsson, Managing Director at Junglemap.

Junglemap has delivered privacy awareness since the introduction of GDPR in 2018, and the course material highlights important legal requirements and simple steps to protect privacy in our workday. STAR behavior, i.e. to Stop, Think, Ask and React is a recurring theme, and calls-to-action promote best practices and dialog for a collective, lasting behavior change.

The proactive e-mail distribution of short, concise NanoLearning lessons to all employees, spread out across the calendar year, stimulates high participation and counters our natural forgetting curve. The awareness training comes with pre- and post-training surveys, knowledge tests for repetition, manager reports, and fully automated distribution and AD integration.

New features in Privacy Awareness 2022
Besides brand-new content, the 2022 edition also comes with a motivational STAR rating of users’ training performance. The end user interface and the NanoLearning platform, a Software-as-a-Service solution, have both been significantly modernized for the 2022 release.

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We provide effective and affordable security, privacy, productivity and governance awareness training based on NanoLearning.

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Matti Olofsson

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