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Make your US election choice NOW, based on facts. - It´s stupid not to be smart... FAST

Pressemelding   •   nov 01, 2016 11:43 CET

29 Minute Books  Press release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

It´s stupid not to be smart... fast

This is our contribution and effort to make the 2016 US presidential election a little less pathetic than it already appears to be.

Make your choice NOW, its important for our future!
29 Minute Books encourages the public to spend 29 minutes and read our free books and make up their opinion based on facts and history, and not on the shameful TV performances both candidates have delivered.

Hillary Clinton - Close, but no cigar ( The History )

Donald Trump - Orange is the new white... ( The History )

FREE eBooks: The eBooks are free and can be downloaded at


About the books:
Donald Trump;
Bully, genius, negotiator, tycoon, Hollywood star, ladies’ man... and a President of the United States?

Hillary Clinton;
This is your guide to Hillary Clinton, and the story of her past, present, and potential future. This is - above all - the truth.

29 Minute Books
Our mission: "Enlighten and entertain the world in 29 minutes...”

About 29 Minute Books:
Our business model is simple.
Offer compact eBooks and audiobooks on every thinkable theme and topic, and make them available on the unit you always carry around. Your phone.

29 Minute Books is digital and physical books and audio that can be read or listened to in 29 minutes.

29 Minute Books offers audio- and eBooks on every thinkable topic, compressed into a 29 minutes long session.

- Available as both text and audio  
- Original written for 29 Minute Books
- Available for iPhone app, online and Amazon Kindle.


29 Minute Books  
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