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Seagull bicycle shelter, designed by Kristofer Hansén. Photo: Lasse Olsson
Seagull bicycle shelter, designed by Kristofer Hansén. Photo: Lasse Olsson

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​Bicycle environment for sustainable cities and an economic restart

The cycling season is in full swing. A green restart of the economy requires new solutions in bicycle infrastructure, for healthier cities and a more sustainable society. Nola advocates more frequent and more secure parking solutions for the increasing number of cyclists. As well as better sustainability and aesthetics for bicycle products in the urban environment, which affects us all.

Investment in green infrastructure
Investment in bicycle infrastructure is very profitable for society. It results in a healthier population, a healthier environment and better traffic conditions. The number of cyclists in big cities is increasing every year, with an increasing number of bicycle commuters, especially in Sweden's biggest cities. Although many people are working from home this spring, bicycles are clearly viewed as a fantastic transport tool for the city, something which increases demand for a sustainable bicycle infrastructure and for more sustainable and aesthetic bicycle products in the urban environment.

There are currently several different initiatives that are taking society in the right direction, such as The Green Deal. A plan to make the EU economy sustainable by turning climate and environmental transformations into policy opportunities. On the initiative of the Swedish Energy Agency and KTH, there is also Viable Cities- the largest investment to date in Sweden into research and innovation for smart and sustainable cities.

Ahead of a green restart, it is interesting to look at the facts from the city of Stockholm; such as that 80 percent of Stockholmers live less than 30 minutes by bicycle from their workplace. Within 15 kilometers of Stockholm Central Station, a bicycle is usually faster than a car in rush hour traffic. In Stockholm City alone, SEK 20 billion will be invested in bicycle infrastructure before 2022. It is therefore important to invest in well-considered, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing bicycle solutions that benefit the city, the environment and its inhabitants.

Cycling solutions for good bicycle infrastructure
Nola is working continuously to develop the cycling environment. Quality and environment, form and function go hand in hand. Nola has a wide range of solutions to meet the great demand for bicycle parking. Sustainable materials with surface treatment that is gentle on both the surfaces of the bike and on the environment. Bicycle stands with lighting that create safer solutions when it's dark. Bicycle shelters and stands that can be fixed in place, creating order in the urban environment. A safe, aesthetic and orderly bicycle environment, combined with high quality and a long product life, results in healthy cities.

Seagull bicycle shelter designed by Kristofer Hansén is a durable bicycle shelter, elegantly designed with a bird-shaped silhouette. Seagull comes with Goggle wheel holders or a bicycle arch for locking frames. The Seagull bicycle shelter is environmentally assessed. 

Blenda bicycle stand with a light designed by Blenda design, is a robust and simple bicycle stand for secure locking, maintenance-free material, and environmentally assessed. Blenda is available with an integrated LED light, which facilitates parking and provides security in the immediate environment.

Ekeberg bicycle stand, design by Klock & Sæther, provides easy to use secure bike parking and the bikes are stored in a practical and orderly way in the environment.

Note Design Studio's Hook bicycle stand experiments with the visual experience of a bicycle stand and serves as a space-forming element in the urban environment.



For 40 years, Nola Industrier has developed and honed ideas, products and visions for urban spaces. Nola collaborates with Sweden’s leading designers and architects from concept to manufacture, with sustainable production taking place exclusively in Sweden. Nola stands for quality, aesthetic and sustainable design over time.

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