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Kebne outdoor gym and its modules, design by Kauppi & Kauppi for Nola.
Kebne outdoor gym and its modules, design by Kauppi & Kauppi for Nola.

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​Healthy training in the urban environment

Nola strikes a blow for healthy urban environments. Outdoor training at attractive outdoor gyms should be a natural feature of the cityscape and should be included right from the planning stage of urban development. Exercising outdoors creates healthy cities, natural meeting places and improves public health, something that is hugely important in these times.

Healthy urban environments

The positive effects of exercise, such as a better general feeling and stress management combined with fresh air, provide an excellent foundation for healthy cities and environments. Shared areas for sport and exercise are important so that more people have the opportunity to be active, and for improved public health. When indoor gyms are closed, or have limited opening hours, there is a greater need to open up spaces in the city for exercise. An outdoor gym can be built in both urban and park environments, not just next to a fitness centre or exercise trail. The opportunity for movement and sport should play a more important role in the design of cities and should be reviewed right from the urban planning stage. Some existing initiatives, such as the Swedish Sports Federation and the architectural firm FOJAB, recently started collaborating to develop the Movement Factor - a tool to more easily integrate and plan for physical activity in the urban environment.

Outdoor training with Calisthenics

Outdoor training is easily accessible and creates naturally healthy meeting places. A complement to heavy weights, expensive gym cards and cramped indoor spaces. An outdoor gym provides access to spontaneous exercise and movement at all hours of the day, all year round - with a healthier lifestyle as a result. There are many benefits to outdoor training, both economic and socio-economic. It promotes mental well-being, reduces sick leave, encourages young people to meet constructively, creates social cohesion. Outdoor gyms also have the advantage of being possible to place anywhere in park environments, next to playgrounds and squares, in public places and open spaces.

Calisthenics is another word for body weight training, where the body is used as the main piece of equipment and weight, for developing physique and mastering exercises. The training form builds functional strength, as several muscle groups are trained at the same time, and strengthens joints and tendons. The risk of injury is also reduced by using one's own body weight as a counterweight instead of heavy weights. The term comes from the ancient Greek words kallos perfectly beautiful and sthenos strength. Calisthenics is a popular form of training today but has long been used by e.g. the military and bodybuilders.

Nola outdoor gym Kebne

Kebne is not just an outdoor gym, but a whole family of activity furniture for natural exercise and physical activity in landscapes or urban spaces. The outdoor gym consists of simple units for body strength training and stretching, focused on body weight training. Kebne is designed by designer duo Kauppi & Kauppi, with special care to welcome everyone regardless of their height, age, gender or level of training. Exercises can easily be adapted using the different modules, with the body acting as different levels of resistance, and are suitable for training in all seasons. The system includes an inspiration map with graphics demonstrating the most common exercises. Kebne is environmentally assessed and has been awarded several international awards for its product design. Kebne outdoor gym more info


For 40 years, Nola Industrier has developed and honed ideas, products and visions for urban spaces. Nola collaborates with Sweden’s leading designers and architects from concept to manufacture, with sustainable production taking place exclusively in Sweden. Nola stands for quality, aesthetic and sustainable design over time.

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