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Work Lounge, design Superlab and Charlotte Petersson Troje.
Work Lounge, design Superlab and Charlotte Petersson Troje.

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Nola presents news within the outdoor furniture segment during Stockholm Design Week

Nola presents several new products during this year’s design week. These new pieces can be experienced online or at Inside Swedish Design, taking place at Stockholm’s Auction House (Stockholms Auktionsverk). 

Nola participates in Inside Swedish Design during this year's Stockholm Design Week, where three new products, all linked to outdoor working, are presented. Between 8-13 February, designs by Fredrik Mattson, Nina Jobs, Superlab and Charlotte Petersson Troije will be shown both digitally and physically at Stockholm's Auction House in Stockholm.

”Our goal is to be at the forefront of the city's development and be actively involved in the design of innovative and accessible places for all people. We have been working with Outdoor Office for a long time, but now we can see that the pandemic has accelerated the need and demand for dedicated workplace furniture for outdoor use,” says Nola's founder and Design Manager Agneta Stake.

Work Lounge is one of the new releases, a piece of furniture based on research on how health and wellbeing is linked to nature. This is Nola's first piece of upholstered furniture for outdoor use on the market. The investment in Outdoor Office is a strategic step in Nola's continued innovation within the dedicated workplaces for outdoor environments segment. Explore all Nola’s product news for 2021 here. 

Inside Swedish Design

Inside Swedish Design is a viewing in both virtual and physical form, where Nola participates with the products Gry by Fredrik Mattsson, Work Lounge by Superlab and Charlotte Petersson Troije and Paus by Nina Jobs. The viewing is a collaboration between Interior Cluster and Beckman's Design Academy, together with Stockholms Auktionsverk, Swedish Wood and the Swedish design movement.

Design talks and a presentation will take place online and physical viewing is possible, register for both here. The digital presentation runs from the 9th of February and the auction of objects is online from 9-14 February, where Nola will be auctioning chairs from the Kaskad, Saga and Axel collections as well as the Folke planters.

Design talk

As part of Inside Swedish Design, Nola's founder and Design Manager Agneta Stake participates in a design talk entitled ”Historia och framtid – Svensk möbeldesign i utveckling” (History and future - Swedish furniture design in development). See the entire program and register for free online.

Product News

Work Lounge is a response to society’s rapid expansion and the need for functional and practical outdoor workplaces. A workstation with a swivel seat in soft dry foam, with a laptop-adjusted table. The pieces also have an extra high, but slightly transparent back rest, for a sense of privacy. Work Lounge is developed in collaboration with Superlab and Charlotte Petersson Troje.

Gry is a new series of furniture with a focus on comfort, aesthetics and durability at its core. The combination of these attributes means that Gry speaks with a clear visual and functional voice. Elegant, stripped down and convincing in its material selection and dimensions; the protective edge which runs around it softens the form. The range is very flexible and slots easily into a variety of contexts; with options for adding armrests, swivel base and a separate table. Designed by Fredrik Mattsson.

Paus is a range which brings a sense of speed and efficiency to the user. A simple, but flexible place to pause for a while in public spaces. The design is made of sand-cast aluminium and is sculpted to make the most comfortable sitting experience, despite its small surface area. Paus is available in three heights suitable for different purposes: high, low and somewhere in between. Designed by Nina Jobs.

School Yard is a newly created segment of the High & Low series made specifically for functional outdoor workplaces. The seating and tables work equally well in educational environments as they do on rooftop terraces or outdoor offices. Designed by Mats Aldén.



For 40 years, Nola Industrier has developed and honed ideas, products and visions for urban spaces. Nola collaborates with Sweden’s leading designers and architects from concept to manufacture, with sustainable production taking place exclusively in Sweden. Nola stands for quality, aesthetic and sustainable design over time.

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