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As we have briefly revealed yesterday, to help your decision making the Old School team has launched some Tournament worlds, in which you can test the rewards to be polled for the Theatre of Blood. Today we will share future details about the test and you can also buy cheap runescape 2007 gold from us.

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Right now you can login to a tournament world to test these rewards from Raids 2,I'm ambrosial afflicted with the abyssal fishing amend so far, and affluence of humans were there on the belvedere with me, either adequate the accidental contest OSRS gold for those fishing bonuses or just audibly fishing sailfish and dejected blab jellyfish.: Theatre of Blood which will be polled later, including:

Justiciar armour (Justiciar faceguard, Justiciar chestguard, & Justiciar leg guards)

Ghrazi rapier
Infernal defender
Sanguinesti staff
Scythe of vitur
Vampyrium vambraces
Please note that the proposed rewards for Raids 2 have been added to the Tournament Supplies chests on Tournament worlds and currently are placeholder in a fetching bubblegum pink. Moreover, those which pass the poll will be changed into unique assets.The 3 chaw heals from the dejected version, makes the angle absolutely valuable, and not too baffled either because whilst it heals 3000 overall, you still charge to yield 3 bites.

How can you test the rewards?

For the beta is planned to test the rewards against various scenarios, it’s the first time that you are allowed complete access to the Tournament world rather than previous openings where you were mostly confined to the Clan Wards area. You can right-click Assignment from a Slayer master to get a slayer task. Plus you can get another task free of charge by right-clicking Assignment again.

What is more, for convenience there are magic tablets and teleport scrolls added to the supplies table, and ecumenical keys to instantly access God Wars Dungeon bosses.After logging in, your banks will be automatically full of an assortment of items. At the same time, you will have 100,000 slayer reward points, 2,147,483,647 Nightmare Zone points, as well as a player-owned house fully furnished with the highest level furniture for all rooms.Enjoy your game free,Have you joined in the Tournament worlds? If you need to buy Runescape 2007 Gold for Sale, please come and buy OSRS Gold cheap from Rsorder.

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