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The Cloud Covered!

Documents   •   Nov 26, 2020 10:00 GMT

Made-to-Fit Fibrelite Covers Provide Safe Simple Access Solution for the Royal Canadian Mint

Fibrelite designed and manufactured custom fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite trench covers to fit directly into existing apertures. Due to Fibrelite covers’ unrivalled strength to weight ratio, all trench covers can be safely and quickly removed by two people using the FL7 lifting handle. This ensures safe lifting from waist height eliminating pinch points and potential back injuries.

Pre-Fitted Fibrelite Remote Fill Sumps & KPS Piping Simplify Installation for Major Oil Company in Spain

The oil company, OPW’s Spanish distributor, and OPW, have a long-standing relationship, developed over many years of working with Fibrelite and KPS products. Following the recommendation of their Portuguese branch, our Spanish distributor was approached for a solution. After considering site requirements, Fibrelite S2-360 OFD BPP K2 sumps were specified.

Fibrelite Upgrades Previously Installed Concrete Covers to Bespoke Lightweight Alternative

Fibrelite designed and manufactured bespoke super lightweight (A15 load rated) composite trench covers to offer easy access to the entire trench, improving efficiency and safety. The new covers and frame allows for quick and easy access for people working onsite as the trench is no longer divided into separate sections. Fibrelite covers are corrosion-free, lightweight and durable.

Fibrelite and Trenwa Provide Lightweight Road Crossing Trench Covers for Leading US Utility Provider

Working with Trenwa, Fibrelite developed a line of lightweight composite covers specifically to fit Trenwa’s precast concrete road crossing trenches and designed to handle HS20 (40,000lb / 20 ton) load ratings. The Fibrelite trench covers are extremely durable, non-conductive, chemically resistant and not adversely affected by extreme weather or environmental conditions.

Cutting Edge Composite Trench Covers for Cutting Edge Renewable Energy Power Station

Fibrelite designed and manufactured a series of custom GRP trench covers to fit onto the Stanton Bonna precast concrete trenches. Covers are ‘stepped’ to reduce unit weight and increase the load rating capability. The D400 load rated 1250 mm wide covers can be safely manually removed by two operators without risk of injury. The equivalent size concrete panel would have weighed approx. 400Kg.