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Orio acquires American e-commerce company

Press release -

Orio acquires American e-commerce company

Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, through its wholly owned subsidiary Orio North America Inc., is acquiring the assets of the American e-commerce company Protech1, which operates in the North American market. The acquisition gives Orio access to an e-commerce platform, modern storage and distribution systems and additional distribution opportunities in the USA. The company can thus accelerate the ongoing expansion of the spare parts sales of both Saab Original parts and the range of spare parts for other car brands in one of its main markets. 

"Orio shall grow by broadening its customer base and product range. Through this acquisition, we are adding the capacity to accelerate development in North America, which is one of our largest and most important markets. We now have a platform that is designed to handle a wide range of products and different customer groups, which is exactly what we need as we move from being a niche distributor of Saab Original parts to becoming a distributor of spare parts for other car brands", says Jonas Tegström, newly appointed CEO of Orio AB.

"Besides the opportunity to expand in North America, the acquisition also means that we can benefit from the company's experience prior to the launch of our new business portal", continues Jonas Tegström.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary Orio North America Inc., Orio is acquiring all the assets of Protech1, which has its main warehouse in Burlington, North Carolina. In addition, Orio will gain access to a further 65 distribution points across the USA for the distribution of spare parts. Fast deliveries are of great importance in order to meet the requirements and to be an attractive business partner for the new customer base which is now being brought onboard. The staff, including the former owner, are being offered continued employment.

"The acquisition provides us with immediate opportunities to grow in North America. The e-commerce portal improves our ability to do business with Saab Official Service Centers in addition to giving us capabilities to expand both our product offering and customer base. It also gives us the capacity to improve our service to all of our customers by means of simpler systems and faster deliveries of spare parts", says Tim Colbeck, CEO of Orio's North American subsidiary Orio North America Inc. 

For further information, please contact:    Orio AB, Jonas Tegström, CEO, tel: +46 (0)155-244009



Facts Orio AB

  • The company is responsible for warehousing, sale and distribution of Saab Original parts and accessories for all Saab Authorized Repairers and service partners globally and also sell logistics and technical services.
  • Number of employees in Sweden: Nyköping about 260, Trollhättan about 50. The company is headquartered in Nyköping. 
  • The company has subsidiaries in its 9 main markets in Europe and the USA.
  • Number of employees in the subsidiaries: about 55.
  • Have been responsible for Saab Automobile spare parts handling since the 1960s and are the sole distributor of the entire range of Saab Original parts.
  • Storage area: around 88 000 m².
  • Storage: about 70 000 articles.
  • Capacity: about 30 000 order lines/day.
  • Shipment of 50 trucks distributed each day.
  • The company is fully owned by the Swedish state.
  • On November 13, 2013, the company changed its name from Saab Automobile Parts AB to Orio AB.

Press contacts

Anders Thun

Press contact Digital Marketing Manager +46 520 78 141

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