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Magnus Grönborg has today (1 July 2021) assumed the CEO position for OXE Marine AB
Magnus Grönborg has today (1 July 2021) assumed the CEO position for OXE Marine AB

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Magnus Grönborg, new CEO for OXE Marine AB

Magnus Grönborg succeeds Myron Mahendra who will assume the position of EVP Business Development, Sales and Marketing. Appointing Magnus Grönborg is part of the previously communicated move into the next phase of OXE Marine´s development, with third party production facilities in both Poland and the US, where the board of directors has resolved to reorganize the management team to optimize the Company’s ability to achieve its financial and operational targets.

“OXE is by definition a disruptive force on the marine propulsion market, delivering both superior fuel consumption to our customers and a significant reduction in emissions to our planet. By persistently combining our end-user experiences with our in-house technical brilliance, we will continue to transform the marine market not only from a performance but also, environmental perspective. To lead such a journey is very inspiring and I am honored to shoulder the CEO role at OXE Marine”.
Magnus Grönborg, CEO, OXE Marine AB.

For further information, please contact:
Magnus Grönborg, CEO,, +46 76 724 73 00
Anders Berg, Chairman,, +46 70 358 91 55


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Pim Polesie

Pim Polesie

Press contact Communications Manager Marketing +46 (0) 735 18 55 30

Endurance by Engineering

OXE Marine was founded in 2012, and is the company behind a patented outboard transmission, enabling the use of high torque diesel engines on outboard systems and in sterndrive solutions.

During 2016 OXE Marine launched OXE Diesel. The world’s first high-performance diesel outboard engine, setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for outboard engines between 125 to 200 hp. In 2020 OXE plans to launch a more powerful OXE diesel engine with 300 hp.