BattleSuit Runner Fitness™ Is A New Super-Immersive GPS Running Game App Which Combines Exercise and Entertainment, Using Workout Intensity To Shape The Adventure

Press Release   •   Mar 12, 2014 12:00 GMT

Anyone who has struggled to break away from a video game or movie to go workout has reason to rejoice in 2014: BattleSuit Runner Fitness, available for both iOS and Android, combines a GPS fitness trainer, story running, RPG elements, and choose- your-own adventure content that throw the player into the action as the story unfolds during each mission/workout while the player walks, jogs, or runs.

During BattleSuit Runner Fitness workouts, the player becomes DeltaSuit, an exosuit-donning commando who joins a team of BattleSuit Runners and other colorful characters that are humanity’s last hope to defend against a rising alien invasion. The player can even use resources collected during workouts to customize and upgrade their battlesuit modules, leading to epic alien battles that unfold during each workout (with the player’s music playlist setting the mood in the background).

While exercising, the player is prompted to change speed for a choose-your-own adventure effect, such as: “DeltaSuit, if you want to rescue the hostages, slow down for a few seconds. If you prefer to pursue the retreating hostiles instead, speed up for a few seconds...” The story and battles progress depending on the player’s choice.

At certain points, the player will also be encouraged to sprint in order to activate their battlesuit’s “supercharge mode” during a special “power song” interlude, the success or failure of which has its own profound effects on the storyline as well. This feature also allows for interval training integrated into the gameplay (intensity is adjustable).

The player’s music playlist integrates seamlessly into the storyline as they walk, jog, or run to complete objectives, battle enemies, and even modify their speed when prompted to affect the story’s outcome. Successful completion of the above goals allows the player to earn resources used to repair and upgrade their battlesuit in between workouts to increase its effectiveness in subsequent battles.

BattleSuit Runner Fitness also features remarkable sound effects and voice acting with an international cast of characters that rock the distinction between exercise and entertainment. Traditional GPS fitness app features, such as monitoring workout speed and distance, as well as social networking integration are all included in the app, as well as the ability to set the length and intensity of each workout. Most GPS fitness tracker apps may also be used together with BattleSuit Runner Fitness to allow the player to continue logging all workouts in one place, if so desired.

To see how BattleSuit Runner Fitness energizes and entertains users during running workouts, check out the BattleSuit Runner Fitness Video Trailer.

BattleSuit Runner Fitness is available now for iOS via the App Store at:

A no-cost lite iOS version is also available at:

A dedicated Android version is also available via Google Play at:

With a no-cost lite Android version also available at:

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