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Insights on High Performance Innovators in Innovation360's latest Book, Sustainable Growth and Profits

Press release   •   Mar 05, 2018 15:00 UTC

Introducing the world's best innovation is no guarantee of market success or business continuity. All other business decisions, both strategic and tactical, must take a back seat to the ultimate question: How do you stay profitable long enough to innovate a better future for yourself and your organization? That's the central theme of Sustainable Growth and Profits, the 5th volume of Innovation360's Complete Guide to Business Innovation, now available on Amazon for the first time.

Specific answers vary for each organization but all roads lead to a culture of innovation that continuously manufactures new relevancies through waves of disruption. This practical workbook just became available today to organizations everywhere in both print and electronic versions.

Building on the case work and interactive results from the other four volumes, this book guides change leaders and executives through best practices such as building a “fertile field” of innovation clusters. A single innovation is little more than a gamble compared to an innovation portfolio built from unique organizational capabilities and aspirations.

The latest book goes into detail on commonalities in innovation management shared by high performing organizations. For example, firms such as IBM, Google, Volvo and 3M excel at understanding what their employees do well and can say precisely what value they offer their customers. Even under the most volatile conditions, companies like Ericsson have withstood successive quarters of losses and found a way to restructure around profitability instead of growth -- even as scores of competitors went out of business entirely.

Although change is constant and technological advances are accelerating, organizations can adapt to whatever comes next when they recognize how to innovate continuously. Dive deeper into these issues and real world examples in Sustainable Growth and Profits by Magnus Penker, Sten Jacobson, and Peter Junermark. Look for more volumes in this series as they are published in the months ahead.

The Innovation360 Group AB develops world-leading technology for innovation development. It was founded in 2014 by Magnus Penker and Martin Hultquist, veterans in the consulting industry who specialized in start-ups, turn-arounds and successful company sales in Sweden and abroad.

The Innovation360 Group guides organizations in sharpening their innovation capabilities and re-imagining their value propositions. It speeds up global go-to-market projects through innovative strategy and organizational development. Their research-intensive innovation assessments and metrics derived from their proprietary innovation database the Innosurvey®. Their methodology includes research in the innovation area, evidence-based analysis and recommendations on concrete execution plans for increased innovation capability, profit and growth. An overview of this proprietary process is published in the five volume Innovation360’s Complete Guide to Business Innovation.

The Innovation360 Group primarily works with organizations that espouse high ideals and demonstrate a strong international focus on innovation, positive change, profit & growth. Innovation360’s consulting is delivered both through its own service organization and through an extensive network of licensed practitioners in 28 countries all around the planet.