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Launch of The Complete Guide to Business Innovation

Press release   •   Aug 22, 2017 19:55 UTC

How you transform inspiration into a repeatable, sustainable process that profits the business amid turbulent markets? The consultants and analysts at Innovation360 have sought answers with practical consulting and analysis of innovation execution plans in the real world.

The have taken a vast amount of research and academic theory on innovation and put it through rigorous testing in live market environment.

The book series was designed to be a verbal mentor that can be read through front to back, but it can also be consulted in any order as a framework and reference manual for course correction along the difficult path of bringing executing innovation.

It covers every step along the journey from the first innovation readiness assessment to the finely detailed execution plan that brings new products/services/business models to life.

Innovation360 Founder Magnus Penker said, “Our key message is that organizations or networks of any size must use the most advanced metrics available to carefully assess their strengths before setting out down the road to innovation. Know who you are as an organization, build to your strengths, and compensate for your weaknesses. Above all, do not try to be world champion in areas where you haven’t demonstrated excellence yet. Gain the skills, be the best, and then innovate in that direction. Successful innovation involves a coordination of capabilities, competencies, leadership, culture and strategy.”

The series is meant for businesses and organizations of all sizes that want to be better prepared for the world of hyper-competition and turbulent global markets. Digital transformation is reshaping markets in every industry and the world is waiting for new generation of leaders to emerge.

These books help innovators establish a sustainable, growth-oriented process to manage a portfolio of innovations to innovate for greater profits and deeper market share no matter how the world changes around them.

The series is an up-to-the-minute co-creation from the minds of Penker, leading innovation analysts, Innovation360 practitioners all over the planet, AI data conceptualization, and individual managers of innovative projects now in development. The work even incorporates working insights that have been crowdsourced from innovative business leaders on social media.

The volume released today is Volume 1: How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation, by Magnus Penker, Sten Jacobson, and Peter Junermark. Look for the rest of this series to be published in the year ahead.

The book can be ordered here.

Innovation 360 Group help companies to sharpen their innovation capability, generate and re-innovate their value propositions as well as speeding up their global go-to market projects through innovative strategy, business and organisational development. We do this by means of research based innovation assessments and measurements, based on our global innovation database and research in the innovation area, evidence based analysis and recommendations on concrete execution plans for increased innovation capability, profit and growth. 

The Innovation 360 Group’s founding team has long term experience from working with innovative clients on the international market. We primarily work with organisations with high ambitions and strong international focus on innovation, positive change, profit and growth. To support our global customers we have Licensed Practitioners (leading Innovation Practitioners) as well as Client Practitioners (Innovation Practitioners onsite at our clients) using our tools and methods in an ever-increasing number of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Hong-Kong, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Dubai, and Qatar.