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Spotify's global innovation manager launches a new subsidiary of Innovation360 Group 

Press release   •   Jan 16, 2017 12:15 UTC

The world is changing faster than ever. As a company, it is crucial to invest in innovation if you want to win and not be outrun.

Collecting, experimenting, testing and selecting ideas from the entire organization is the foundation for all kinds of innovation - something that many companies realize is critical to meet customer needs.

ideation360 has created a tool to help companies fulfilling purpose. The product focuses on idea collection and decision making. The ambition of ideation360 is to become the leading global platform for idea management for all types of organizations. Right rom the start, ideation360 has already several reputable customers.

Sofie Lindblom commented that it is a natural step in her career to build a business from the beginning as an entrepreneur and innovator. Simultaneously, she uses her expertise in innovation to collaborate with the parent company Innovation360 Group and its licensed practitioners, as well as ideation360'sown clients.

At Spotify, Sofie was responsible for building the company's global innovation strategy from scratch including processes, tools, corporate culture and strategic models.

Magnus Penker, CEO of Innovation360 Group, continues; "It is very exciting that Sofie Lindblom has chosen to start working with us. Her international profile and unique knowledge, gives us a running start in all our markets."

Ideation360 is a complete stand-alone SaaS-based solution that helps companies with innovation. Its goal is to become the leading global platform for idea management for all types of organizations. Its first product focuses on idea collection and decision making. The company works directly with customers, with Innovation360 Group's customers as well as with the global network of licensed partners that Innovation360 Group has built since its inception in 2014.

About Innovation 360 Group: Under the expert guidance of Magnus Penker, Innovation360 Group together with licensed practitioners, helps organisations to sharpen their innovation capability, generate and re-innovate their value propositions as well as speeding up their global go-to market projects through innovative strategy, business and organizational development. They do this by means of research based innovation assessments and measurements, based on their global innovation database and research in the innovation area, evidence based analysis and recommendations on concrete execution plans for increased innovation capability, profit and growth.

The Innovation360 Group primarily works with organizations that espouse high ambitions and strong international focus on innovation, positive change, profit & growth. Innovation360 Groups’ Licensed Practitioners are established in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa with a strong presence in over 20 markets across all continents.

Ideation360 is a subsidiary of Innovation360 Group AB