Innovation 360 Group

Capital injection for Innovation 360 Group

Press release   •   Dec 19, 2016 06:30 UTC

Thord and Mathias Wilkne, as well as Ulf Engerby, got together with EXB Innovation Lab AB to invest 10 million Swedish Crowns in Innovation360 Group, a company that develops world-leading technology for innovation development. The Tilander family has also invested through their company Backstage Invest.

–With the help of the new capital, we can expand the future’s ecosystem for innovation development with our customers and partners in more than 20 countries, said Magnus Penker, CEO and one of the founders of Innovation360 Group.

Innovation360 focuses primarily on industries with major future challenges, such as food, energy, water, safety, health, education and environment. The customer base includes large companies and fast-growing tech companies.

–The next step is to open an office in the United States, which is the world's largest market for innovation development. Solid financial resources, established partners and customers and the fact that we were able to protect our most important intellectual property gives us the best possible situation for the establishment, said Martin Hultqvist, co-founder and COO / CFO of the company.


Magnus Penker, CEO Innovation360Group. Mobile 070-820 02 44 or

Innovation360 Group helps companies to sharpen their innovation capability, generate and re-innovate their value propositions as well as speeding up their global go-to market projects through innovative strategy, business and organizational development. They do this by means of research based innovation assessments and measurements, based on their global innovation database and research in the innovation area, evidence based analysis and recommendations on concrete execution plans for increased innovation capability, profit and growth.

The Innovation360 Group primarily works with organizations that espouse high ambitions and strong international focus on innovation, positive change, profit & growth. Innovation360 Groups’ Licensed Practitioners are established in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa with a strong presence in over 20 markets across all continents