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Purus launches new series of floor gullies

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Purus launches new series of floor gullies

Because of the markets increasingly tough demands on waterproofing membranes and vinyl floorings, Purus has developed a new series of floor gullies to meet market demands. The S-serie, with a stainless steel clamping ring and a very low seat which make it easier to install heavy-duty vinyl floorings and thick waterproofing membranes.

The stainless steel clamping ring technology is based on experience with our industrial channel drains and our designed floor gully serie Purus Line. The clamping ring is installed in the gully with six screws, giving a flexible and secure installation.

The floor gullies in the S-serie are made of PP (plastic) and the serie comprises the following three floor gullies: S-series MiniMax, S-series Oden and S-series Brage.

S-series Minimax has a unique low mounting height of only 59 mm. The S-series, Oden and Brage can be fitted with a NOOD water trap (which prevents odour resulting from a dried-out water trap) and a stainless steel grating for vinyl floorings as accessories.

The S-series will be on sale during 2016.

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