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What is being dubbed the world’s perfect kitchen thermometer is named, aptly enough, ‘Perfect’.
What is being dubbed the world’s perfect kitchen thermometer is named, aptly enough, ‘Perfect’.

Press release -

Bringing the Perfect Kitchen Thermometer to Australian Homes

Stockholm, Sweden, October 2, 2017 – Gobsmacked to discover a dearth of top performing, high quality kitchen thermometers in Australia, Sweden’s top foodie site has spent eighteen months developing the perfect solution for Australian home kitchens.

Now, the food aficionado’s at are close to launching what they call the world’s perfect kitchen thermometer named, aptly enough, ‘Perfect’.

“We spent months combing the kitchenware market and individual cooking speciality stores throughout Australia for the ideal kitchen thermometer – we were gobsmacked to discover that foodie consumers were being offered mostly sub-standard thermometers not fit for task,” said Niklas Wakeus, founder and CEO of Professional Secrets.

Niklas said kitchen thermometers currently available on the Australian market generally have thick probes or, in the best case, only the very tip is thin, which he says is quite unsuitable in a nation fond of big-sized steaks.

“Even the software and hardware is low quality, which results in irritatingly slow speeds when measuring temperatures. Is this important? Yes it sure can be when you are simultaneously juggling several pans on the stove or taking on a sizzling hot BBQ or an oven with the hatch open,” noted Niklas.

An avid foodie who founded professional secrets five years ago to share the secrets of the world’s top chefs with like-mind food and wine obsessives, Niklas said that after studying online outlets like Kitchenwarehouse, Kitchenwaresuperstore, Chef’s Hat and The Prefect Steak, he realized passionate home cooks in Australia deserved a better thermometer – and the Perfect was born.

Professional Secret’s criteria for a top notch thermometer that provides instant, active and pinpoint correct readings encompass a thin probe that doesn’t leave ugly holes or damage tender food, the same thinness along the entire probe, making it suitable for bigger pieces of meat, fish, and bread, and supersensitive and super fast readings.

Just a week ago, Professional Secrets launched a campaign on Kickstarter to create Perfect – the ultimate kitchen thermometer. At present, 80% of the backing needed to bring the Perfect into production has already been reached, which means Professional Secret’s exciting 21st Century kitchen thermometer could soon be helping American foodies cook up the perfect storm in their home kitchens.

The Perfect Thermometer

An ultra-thin 3,5” long, 0,047” wide diameter probe, all the way

Very fast: Under 2 seconds to target temperature

Ergonomic readings: Display placed on top of the “head” directed towards the chef

LED display for clarity (and attractive, too)

One hand grip for easy use.

Single button on/off switch

Protective sheath for attaching to a chefs apron for easy reach

Attractive design

A great price (Perfect kitchen thermometer will retail at AUD 110)

For more information, please contact Niklas at or visit us on Kickstarter



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