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Professional Secrets to launch ultimate kitchen thermometer

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Professional Secrets to launch ultimate kitchen thermometer

More than three years in the making, Professional Secrets kitchen thermometer was designed to provide both chefs and passionate home cooks with a high-quality, super accurate professional-level thermometer at a highly competitive price.

"The thermometer is one of the most important tools in the kitchen today. It is essential for getting the result you want with meat, fish, sauces, pastries and bread," says Per Renhed, head designer and former Michelin star chef

Available from November 2018

The launch will take place simultaneously in more than 300 stores in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Benelux, UK and US – and on the internet – on 1tNovember, 2018.

"At Professional Secrets we make tools from the professional kitchen available to all cooks. But we were unable to find a dedicated thermometer for chefs – so we created it ourselves," said Niklas Wakeus, CEO and founder.

Inspired by professionals

The ultimate kitchen thermometer was created in close collaboration with professional chefs and outstanding designers. The extraordinary design – including the unique positioning of the display and the protective sheath – is protected within the EU and USA.

Distinguishing features

The thermometer is stunning to look at, but the design is rational and practicalfrom the chef’s perspective:

  • Thin probe (1.2 mm/0.05”) leaves food intact
  • Very fast and very accurate
  • Display on top for easy readings in C° or F°
  • Display flips to accommodate cook
  • Decimals reveal temperature change IRT
  • Water resistant for easy cleaning
  • Smart, protective clip-on sheath

Who are Professional Secrets?

With the help of outstanding chefs Professional Secrets have built probably Europe’s largest database on cooking, making tips and tools from the professional kitchens available for everyone who loves to cook – hoping toinspire more home cooks to create great food made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

For more information please contact:

Niklas Wakeus, CEO and founder

Phone: +46 70 348 63 37

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